Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer!

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I’ll let you all in on a little secret – I love straight-to-DVD horror films. I often find them to be more inventive (and more entertaining) than their big-budget counterparts. Such is the case here, with Jack Brooks Monster Slayer. It’s one of those movies that isn’t perfect, but by God, I’ll take it. So I’m going to keep this review short and sweet.

Ya’ see, this movie is a gleeful throwback to the 80’s. A time when latex and make-up monsters ruled the drive-ins and movie theaters. A time when John Carpenter, Sam Raimi, and Wes Craven were kings of cinema. It was a golden age. One that “Jack Brooks” takes viewers back to in style.

The titular hero (Trevor Matthews) is a plumber with anger management issues. Seems his entire family was killed on a camping trip by a troll, the trauma of which has resulted in one pissed-off dude. How does he learn to keep his anger in check? By kicking monster ass!

If that’s not enough to sell you on this movie? Well, let me offer up this then – genre vet Robert Englund doing slapstick comedy. Yes, you heard me right; Freddy himself makes an ass of himself for your amusement. But wait, there’s more! The monsters are lovingly old school. They aren’t totally convincing, but for the budget… very effective.

If you’re tired of torture porn and generic slasher rip-offs… this movie is the way to go. Make your way down to the nearest red box or video store and rent it – hell, Netflix if you must. (Me? I got this bad boy out of the dollar bin at the store!) But I’m telling you, this is the next great cult monster movie. Don’t wait for there to be 50 sequels to jump on the bandwagon – take a chance now and rent it. You’ll thank me – and the cinema gods – that you did.

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