The Brains- Drunk Not Dead

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This is it folks! It’s all here for your hearing pleasure, pounding drums, hooky guitar riffs, relentless rhythm from that upright bass…yes, it’s The Brains new album! It must be said that there are some insanely catchy songs on this one including “Take What I Want”, “Six Rounds” and “I’m Your Nightmare”.
They make the most effective use of a chorus that I’ve heard in awhile. I dare you to not sing along to these ditties! For that matter I’m willing to bet anything that you’ll get off your seat and start shaking your ass like its possessed by one of those ghosts they sing about. There’s also an interesting multi-lingual flavour to this album with a song in Spanish and in French. I can translate “Gato Calavera” into “Cat Skull” but you really don’t need to know that to enjoy the song!
And in case you haven’t heard apparently the video for “Take What I Want” was banned from Much Music (Canada’s so-called “music” channel) due to the depiction of violence against women. Funny, how they show videos of gangsta rappers every other hour showing far worse violence and misogyny. I love how they become the PC police when dealing with an obscure genre. Ahem, rant over. Anyway this latest outing by The Brains definitely shows how they’ve evolved as a band, keeping their unique sound but growing. This is what makes psychobilly great, it’s the best of both worlds. You can have your old school sounding crooning and slappin’ stand up bass along with the energy of some punk rock guitar riffs and the thudding heartbeat of the drums and add in any other musical influences you may have from metal to surf. Hell, I don’t care if it’s salsa or meringue! The more, the merrier! Definitely get “Drunk Not Dead” this holiday season for you and your loved and even not so loved ones.

The Brains are Drunk Not Dead

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