The Krankdaddies

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The Krankdaddies

The Krankdaddies are a a Chicago based band consisting of singer Chops McClintock: Big loud Guitars, straining vocals and throat clearing and Funbags Farrell who plays stand up slapping bass and lots of spectacular yelling and Magic Mark as Nuttsy who does drums and card tricks.

This band  plays several shows throughout the Chicago land area and the suburbs.

Elvis is the heart and soul that makes up the core of this band and the singer even looks like Elvis, hence Chops is his name that is his trademark, his chops is his staple. The Krankdaddies really live up to there standards they krank out their Rockabilly tunes with blood, sweat and tears far beyond the recesses from ol’ Graceland to the heavens above. Chops is a true mastermind on guitar that blows our minds that keeps us asking for more. The music touches on sex, drugs and rock and roll and rolls with the punches and there is a surprise around every corner who dares to look. The bands motto is ” We like it ” and yes we do. Come see this band you are in for a great time.


The Krankdaddies

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