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A Texas cutie that wears many hats and packs a lot of different skills! Find out why Becca Blood is much more than a pretty face!

First off, tell us who you are, what you do, and why you do it?
My name is Becca Blood, I am a pinup model, a show promoter, and the princess of percussion for my band Bastardos de Sancho. For all of my life I have loved the arts, whether it be acting, dancing, or music, I have always just loved being on stage, and now I have just finally caught my groove. Acting has always been one of my passions, as well as everything vintage. I remember being in middle school and my girlfriends and I had a club the “pink ladies”. With pinup modeling I get to do just that, act out my passion for the 50’s lifestyle in front of a camera, but nothing brings me a thrill quiet as much as being on stage, and that is where Bastardos comes in. I get to get up and entertain while having a blast myself. I recently started promoting shows. I have a HUGE love for music, if I am not playing a show, I am at a show in the crowd. I wanted to bring shows to the scene that I felt like everyone would enjoy and that the scene could benefit from. Dallas has a big live music scene and a growing burlesque scene. What I thought was missing was shows that combined the two, so that is what I am working on. Bringing you the best of both worlds.
 You are heavily involved with the Dallas, Texas scene? What is it like?
I have been in the Dallas Music scene since I was about 18. That’s about 6 years. I started out bartending in Deep Ellum, the music district, before I was even old enough to go to the shows. I have worked at just about every venue there is in Dallas form punk rock clubs, to metal clubs, to country bars, to hole in the walls, to biker bars, all before I even started playing, modeling or promoting. I think having this behind the scenes experience has really given me an edge on promoting and playing. I know the right people, and I am lucky enough to have been shown the ropes by a few of them. The scene here hits it strides, and then has some off time as well over the years, but really seems to be on the up and up lately. It is a very large family is the best way to describe it. No one really just stays in one lil part of the scene either, punks go to metal shows, greasers go to punk shows, cowboys hit the rockabilly shows, and so on and so on. There is a real since of community and support for one and other and each other’s talents.
 How would you describe the music of Bastardos de Sancho?
I can promise you it is like nothing you have ever seen before. Our main goal is to bring a show. From costumes, to lights and props it is an experience. We don’t like to put ourselves in any one category but if we had to it is pure rock and roll, but I suggest you come out to a show and experience it for yourself!
 You’re also a pin-up model, how long have you been doing that?
I have been doing it a little less than a year, I have a hard time finding time to fit it in my schedule but this past year I made a huge effort to finally just do it.
 So you’re a musician, a model, and a show promoter. Any other skills we should know about?
Haha, well I am also an office manager by day, and a party girl by night, but I wouldn’t call those skills.
  Who are some of your favorite bands in the Texas scene?
Oh man there are so many! I would have to say my top three are, Elvis Took Acid, The Dangits, and Convoy and the Cattleman.
 You have a very cool show coming up called “Nightmare Before Christmas.”  Care to tell us about that shindig?
Well, it is another talent packed event, with 5 bands and 5 top notch burlesque performers. The theme of the evening is “The Nightmare Before Christmas”, one of my favorite movies, so all the girls will be dancing to songs from the movie and some of the bands will be participating by dressing up. We encourage the audience to do the same!! It is going to be a huge, spooky, holiday party!
 Anything in closing? Everyone, please get off your couch and go to a show!
Playing to a happy, packed house for free is more fun than getting paid $500 to play to a boring empty house. So have fun, and support each other!
To learn more about Becca Blood visit her facebook group!

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