Jamie Bahr on Danger*Cakes Year Two!

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On Halloween of 2010, a new band emerged on the Austin scene.  Fusing elements of  psychobilly, doo-wop, big band swing, and classic soul the band quickly became a fixture in the Austin rockabilly scene.  The all-female group ended their  first year with a bang, joining the likes of Mad Sin and Devil Doll at the 2nd annual Freakshow Festival.   Now, with October behind us, I thought I’d play some catch with Danger*Cake’s buxom frontwoman Jamie Bahr.


So the band is now a year old, how does that feel?
I am absolutely delighted!As clichéas it sounds, this is a dream come true!I spent so many years of my life singing.But I was always singing someone else’s songs in someone else’s band.Now I’m singin’ my own tune and boy, does it feel good!I feel truly overwhelmed whenever I see people singing my songs at shows.And the fact that they remember the words can literally make me smile so hard my face hurts.There is something so sweet about gratification.I have been dreaming of these songs for so long and trying to find the right people to bring them to life.I faced so many challenges, stereotypes and naysayers along the way.Such as, the A.V. Club via the Onion.I love the Onion (Weekly News) so I was a little miffed when some fellas who wrote for the A.V. Club (Austin) website had basically misogynistically roasted my Craigslist ad while I was looking for ladies to be in my all-girl Rock ‘N’ Roll Orchestra.My ad was entitled, “Calling All Sexy Band Geeks:”, so maybe I should have expected something of that nature but I just added another dash to the tally of doubting Thomases and kept on keepin’ on.And now I’m singing, “Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you. Happy Birthday dear Danger*Cakes!Happy Birthday to you!And many more. . . mwah!”
You just recorded your first CD, any news on a record label? Or is it going to be indie?
We self-produced our first EP, “Just a Taste” and have been selling it at shows, so at this moment we are definitely Indie.We have been contacted by a few smaller labels and we definitely have our eyes on a few others.I’d like to find Danger*Cakes a nice home with a good label.DIY is empowering, but it does get cold all by your lonesome.
How would you describe playing the Freak Show Festival, with legendary bands like Mad Sin?
It was the icing on the cake and quite an accomplishment to round out our first year.I’d played with Koffin Kats years ago when I was in PBR and those guys always put on a great show.It was a pleasure making the acquaintance of the brothers Calabrese for the first time.I believe their album is still on regular rotation in my car CD player.But the gentlemen from Mad Sin were actually quite gentle men.Especially, Koefte DeVille who upon introducing himself, smiled sweetly and gently shook my hand and engulfed it whole with his gigantic hand.He is a man large in stature and in presence, especially on stage.
You have an upcoming show with Blues Traveler too.You’re not switching gears and becoming a hippy band are you?
They wouldn’t let me in the club.I hate patchouli, so no worries about that happening.But the Blues Traveler and Danger*Cakes combination isn’t all that strange.It just appears weird because we usually play with Rockabilly and Psychobilly bands.We may be the only band in existence that will be able to say we opened for both Mad Sin and Blues Traveler.But Danger*Cakes and Blues Traveler do have common ground.We both have roots in Blues.And we both can see when a good cause needs fighting for.In fact, that’s the reason we’re both playing this show together in the first place.It’s a benefit for Kids In a New Groove (K.I.N.G.), a non-profit organization that gives children who are in the foster care system or who have been recently adopted, private music lessons in the instrument of their choice.
As one of the few female bassists in the genre, do you feel a certain responsibility to your female fans?
Of course!I always feel a responsibility to rock!And I have to rock all the harder because I am a woman.I’ve had countless women tell me how inspiring our performances are and the delight they get from seeing me play my upright, Beatrix.And in turn, it inspires me to keep becoming a better bassist.
Is it tough playing and singing at the same time?
It used to be.I’d get so passionately into belting out a part of a song that I’d completely forget about playing my bass.It comes more naturally now.And when I get into that moment I’m not only belting it out now, but I’m slapping that bass like a mofo.
Do you think you’re a stronger bassist or vocalist?
Vocalist, hands down.I’m a multi-instrumentalist, but voice was truly my first instrument.Until recently, I used to always say that I played bass instead of calling myself a bassist.I know, musician semantics.I thought I was being humble, but now I realize it was just a way of kicking myself when I was down.Female bassists are few and far between and I felt out-numbered by the men-folk.Not to mention, I’d only been playing a couple of years so my lack of experience kept me humble.Now that I’ve gained the experience, I like to think that my humility is still in tact, but now I’m a bassist.
Halloween just passed. What did Jamie Bahr do on Halloween?
We had a pretty low-key Halloween night and did most of our partying the weekend before.We played the Halloween Bash at Lipstick 24 which was pretty wicked.My fiancé, Drew and I dressed up as Beetlejuice and Lydia from the wedding scene.I thought we were pretty creative in our costume choice and we even made them ourselves, but we were loading into the club and low and behold, another Beetlejuice and Lydia were standing right there.They were even from the same scene!Halloween night, we went out to the movies with some of our close friends to see “Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark” which quite contrarily left me not only scared of the dark but also of tooth-eating gnomes.
What are your goals for Danger*Cakes year two?
This is going to be a really big year for us.We’re in the recording process now to finish our first album.And we’re planning our first interstate tour for 2012.We’ve already gotten a taste for the road and can’t wait to get another bite.My goal is to be touring in Europe by next summer, then we shall be intercontinental cakes!
How about your pin-up modeling?
I have a shoot slated with Cherrybones Photography in a couple of weeks to shoot some new threads for Dangerous FX (which I absolutely love!).Every lady should have at least one dress that when she puts it on, just makes her feel glamorous and confident.The dresses I’ll be shooting are definitely a few of mine that do just that!We’re also doing a Danger*Cakes Calendar for 2012 which will feature not only pin-up shots of the band, but also some of my delectable cake recipes.
Anything else we should know about?
Well, our next local show after the benefit for K.I.N.G. is at Top Notch on Burnet Road for Chops for Tots.It’s a car show and fundraiser we’ll be playing with Dale Watson to benefit the Austin Child Advocacy Center.Then, we’ll be heading up to Dallas on December 17th for the Nightmare Before Christmas Bands and Burlesque show at The Bone.And oh yeah, I’m getting hitched!This little Danger*Cake will soon be living in sin no longer.Mr. Drew Edwards and I will be officially tying the knot in Austin this Spring.I’m sure there will be more news to come so stay tuned and look forward to Danger*Cakes coming to a city near you!
For more on Danger*Cakes check out their facebook.


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