13 Black Coffins–Where the Dead Girls Go!

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Psychobilly is one of those been there, done that kind of genres.  Jaded fans start to feel like they’ve seen it all.  How does Houston’s 13 Black Coffins respond? By amping up the intensity. Already known as a ferocious live band, their new CD proves they can translate that rockabilly thunder into other mediums with ease.

Their sound is heavier than other bands in their genre. Not a jazzy kind of heavy, not even a metal kind of heavy.  I’m talking crazy, Iron Butterfly, psychedelic kind of heavy.  The sort of heavy that leaves you a little numb, but in a good way.  Front woman Melane Torres has an authoritative growl than brings to mind Tina Turner.  Throw in some surprisingly funky slap bass and you’ve got a pretty tasty stew.


The whole recording is extremely addictive.  I listened to it no less than nine times in a row whileprepping for this review.  The trio of songs in middle of the CD are easily my favorite.  The classic psychobilly jumper, “Dr. Frank” is the sort of tune that makes you want to kick off your shoes and dance barefoot in a graveyard.  While the surprisingly sweet, “Twice” is a awesome pop-punk cruncher perfectly suited for taking your best guy or gal down to the local mall.  Finishing up this micro-trilogy is the self-titled “13 Black Coffins” which is hits like brick to the gut.  The whole CD is good fist-pumping rock ‘n’ roll, but these three songs really kicked my ass.


If I might boil everything down,  psychobilly fans you need this CD.  Get on the band wagon. Be the first one on your block.  You get my point right?


Want to know more about 13 Black Coffins, check out their facebook!

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