Natural Born Killers

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Natural Born Killers

I wrote this review a couple of years ago, but it still seems relevant today.

Heard on radio this morning: (about Scarborough area in Toronto) “Oh there hasn’t been a shooting there in awhile! And by awhile I mean hours!” (laughs)

Natural Born Killers

Yesterday I saw this film for the very first time. I must say it really affected me I was thinking about it the entire shift at work (granted the job’s boring). Just thinking about how violence is so much a part of human nature. It really is something that has always been with us and may always be unless we evolve. People like to think of themselves as “good” and “moral”. They love to judge anyone who seems to fall beneath that in public. Just look at the way treat alleged criminals as if they were worst then dog shit. They show an incredible LACK of compassion towards certain people because of what they’ve done. I agreed with what Oliver Stone said in an interview who “you see this black kid who’s shot someone and you just hate him. But you don’t know his story, you don’t know what got him there.” It’s so true people never put themselves in the shoes of others especially when they’ve done something unlawful and “horrible”. We never ask why it happened. We just judge and punish, judge and punish some more. Where has this gotten us? Has it made us better as a society to just lock people up in jail and throw away the key?

Obviously not because the violence and bodies keep pileing up. The prison system in place right now is NOT the solution. It never really was. It’s VERY dangerous to put guns, badges, and tasers into the hands of average people who seem themselves as “superior” to the people they supposedly serve. Who see themselves as “heroes” with the right to anything they want. Since their first (non-thinking) reaction to crime is violence which leads to more violence which yes, leads to more violence. We need to get out of this rut if we’re going to go anywhere (good) as a society.

People have been complaining about the amount of violence in Toronto these days. It’s true there seems to be a shooting every day now but more law and order is clearly not the answer. I read in the National Post how this woman’s friend from L.A got a “bad impression of Toronto and thinks it’s as violent as the U.S’ second largest city. I think it’s time we get angry.”

I think it’s time we NOT get angry for once and try to come up with real lasting solutions. It’s time to put those feelings of anger, revenge and judgment aside. Let’s take a good look in the mirror and see just how “perfect” each of us are. We all have the capacity for “evil” it’s time to admit it. Hypocrisy just is’nt working.

Quotes from the movie:

Dwight McClusky: Mickey & Mallory Knox are without a doubt the most twisted depraved pair of shitfucks it has ever been my displeasure to lay my god damn eyes on. I tell you these two motherfuckers are a walking reminder of just how fucked up this system really is.

Mickey: Of course the only thing that kills the demon… is love.

Oliver Stone interview quote:

“Natural Born Killers was never intended as a criticism of violence,” Stone explains. “How can you criticise violence? Violence is in us – it’s a natural state of man. What I was doing was pointing the finger at the system that feeds off that violence, and at the media that package it for mass consumption. The film came out of a time when that seemed to have reached an unprecedented level. It seemed to me that America was getting crazier.”

Since then, he has revised his opinion: “Oh, it’s worse than ever now. The reaction of our culture to violence is more extreme than it’s ever been. Just look at the events of September 11. I think that the media overreacted to it. Just like they overreacted to my little film.”

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