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Rock ‘n Roll Sinners Agency is an agency for alternative and pin-up models, bands and performers such as burlesque- and fetish who dare to be different in appearence and style. Nicky Verstappen is the founder of this agency. He is proud to present his models the next few weeks. But first let’s see what’s behind all that.

Nicky: The name already appeared in my mind about half a year before actually launching it, combining my passion for the music and lifestyle called rock ’n roll and the fact that I lead a rather sinful life: the name describes the person behind the company, the companies concept and our models and performers (the sinners) at once!

After working on graphic- and interactive design for about 3-4 years I simply decided it was time to combine it with my passion for photography, music and alternative lifestyle. This combined with the network and opportunities I had at that time made the decision pretty quick: I will leave the details of the neverending research that followed apart to keep things interesting.

Since the start late 2010 models and performers from all over the world started subscribing, turning the agency into one of the fastest growing alternative agencies in Europe.

While the market for alternative models, burlesque performers and rock ‘n roll bands is going through a revival most big agencies refuse to accept those who’s appearence goes beyond the mass, putting most alternative models and performers in a position where they are mostly forced to promote themselves individually.

The difference in between Rock ’n Roll Sinners Agency and other (alternative) agencies is the fact that we do not charge for subscribtions before a model or performer actually gets assigned through the agency. This way we can give experienced as well as upcoming models and performers a fair chance to be promoted within the scene.

In the future we will expand our agency and start working with a selection of models ourselves, eventually leading to the production on Rock ‘n Roll Sinners calendars, canvas prints and similar high-class photo-products, all spiced up with style, a rock ’n roll-edge and perhaps even provocing influences: dare to set the difference or drown in the mass.

In the meantime we will keep our eyes open for new models, rocking bands and seducing or even shocking acts: we got a weak spot for work that crosses the line of social acceptance.

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