Pinup of the week: Rosa Duchamp

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Styling & HMUA The Rockabella, Photo by Erika Zanatta Figabomba

When I was 14 years old, an artist approached me on a terrace while I was enjoying a drink with my mother. He asked me if I would like it to be photographed by him; my extravagant outfit impressed him. I’ve always been a pretty outspoken person: a very strong will, experimental clothing styles and eccentric hobbies.

But so it happened, I rolled into the “art photography world”. 

I approached Rockabellas myself when they were still just a small company. I liked their work so far and wanted to work with them. Good results came out of our first shoot and since then we never lost sight of each other. I think it’s a very relieving idea that I do not have to weigh 50 kilos to be a (good) model. Rockabella’s made this possible for me. They think I’m beautiful: not because I’m super skinny, but because I am who I am.

I love to work out specific ideas. To create photographs that make you wonder. I also like to sit in make-up and when it’s done, I’m a sexy pin-up from the fifties (for example). A photographer once told me I have very expressive eyes, which makes it more realistic when I’m empathizing with person or era I need to portray. The best compliment a model can get! J

Hopefully I can continue to work with Rockabella’s because in my opinion we are an excellent team!

Rosa Duchamp

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