Pinup of the week: Venus

Posted by Dee-Ann On January - 17 - 20113,189 views

Styling & HMUA The Rockabella, Photo by Erika Zanatta Figabomba

As long as I can remember I’ve felt the necessity to express my individuality in a unique way. It didn’t matter if it were through appearance, music or art, I always aimed at becoming my own living freakshow. At age 14 I started creating what would eventually be my on-stage persona “Venus on Drugs”, inspired from the music of my all time favorite band: The Velvet Underground.
With a love for a variety of styles, from Classical to Punk and from Rave to Pinup, I find it difficult to restrict myself to a specific genre, but I still think there is a certain constant element that is the core to the Venus on Drugs-style. It’s a style that is as sweet as it is sexual, as loving as it is confronting; it’s always at the extremes and nothing in between.
With Rockabella’s I’ve been able to expand this style even further, and hope to be able to apply this not only to modeling, but to music and on-stage performing as well.
This is the world I create: a psychedelic world of a Venus on Drugs that makes you eat poisoned cupcakes till I’m sure you’ll Love and Hallucinate.

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