Eric Pigors and his Toxic Toons!

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Eric Pigors is a talented artist, whose eccentric style defies you to simply label it “monster” or pin-up” art.   Check ’em out below!

First off, tell us about yourself and “Toxic Toons?”

Toxictoons is what i call my artwork,which is mostly creepy monsters and sexy vamps that  I have been doing for the past 20 years now.
I came up with the name ,”TOXIC TOONS” one day when I was choking on the Toxic cloud of smoke while spraying a background for my  carTOON  Art with spray paint cans .So i put both Toxic and Toons together and whoola a creepy mess was born!

You worked for Disney for awhile.  How did that turn into what you’re doing now?

As  a kid i loved all the old animated cartoons from the 1920w thru 1960s. And I ended up getting  a job working at DISNEYS back in 1987, and worked there 15 YEARS straight on the films like LION KING, ALLADIN, BEAUTY AND THE BEAST,HERCULES,TARZAN films and a lot and more.
You can see a really good DVD Documentary about those days called ,”WAKING SLEEPING BEAUTY.”
I stopped working at Disney’s in 2002 because the management at the time said no one wanted to see hand drawn films anymore, because the computer animated films where making so much money and hand drawn wasnt , so they let about 750 artists go who had helped earn them billions like we were yesterdays trash!
So luckily i had saved quite a bit of money  i decided it would be good to put my energy into what i loved doing for a while which was my own art. And let me tell you i am very lucky i did work and earn all that money there because i made lots of my Toxictoons merch i have sold over the years using my savings …..which is almost gone now.
You have really different art style.  Who influenced you?

Most of what i see in my art and what people say my art reminds them of is from my early youth.
Like DR. Suess, Mad magazine, Odd Rods stickers, Rat Fink, Plop comics, Wacky Pacs stickers,The Munsters and animated cartoons from the 1920s thru 1960s. And all sorts of other monster merch i grew up with.
My favorite artists though are Jack Davis,Bill Elder and Don Martin from Mad, BK TAYLOR who drew ODD RODS stickers in the 1970s, Charles Addams who did THE ADDAMS FAMILY and lots more! I could go on forever though on who has inspired me over the years.

What would you say the main difference between an artist such as yourself and more traditional, “classic” artist/painter?
It’s pretty amazing when you look at what those guys painted.I dont know how they did it or artist even do it today.
But you know its not what i grew up with or really cared about.To me animation and the simplicity of the graphic characters in animation  and comic books is what grabbed me.
I come from that background, and doing clean up art at Walt Disneys all those years.Which is the final art drawn over the animators ruffs, Is what i do best.I tried painting and it just didnt work.My brain does not function that way for some reason?
I guess it all depends on what you love to do most and the time you put towards what you love doing.
Images of zombies,vampires, and werewolves are taking over pop culture. Why do you think that is?
Well  Halloween is the 2nd most popular holiday these days and lots of people like getting scared. My wife and i have gone to my friends haunted hosue called ,”NETHERWORLD ” in Norcross ,Ga. for the past 4 years. We bring some of my merch to sell and dress up and scare people.
Plus when something becomes popular everyone jumps on tha band wagon and starts copying it.
But its no where as popular as in the 1960s when all the cool monster stuff  i grew up  came out!
I like some of the new stuff. But i wish TWILIGHT would drop off the face of the Earth,and takje Justn Beiber and the cast of  Jersey shore with them! hahahaha
Do you listen to music a lot while work? And if so, what do you listen to?
I listen to lots of stuff. Everything from Howard Stern, Amen,Minsitry,Lords of the New Church,Sex Pistols, Hanoi Rocks,Queen, Alice Cooper,Kiss, Cheap Trick, Bauhaus, UFO, Rasputina, Zodiac Mindwarp,The Cramps, 50s music, and i Looooove old Halloween records.
I love music and have maybe 1500 or more cds!!
Any upcoming projects you’d like to plug?

Well VALENTINES DAY is right around the coroner.I  have lots of stuff like VD GREETING CARDS,Prints with themes that are lovey dovey,necklaces,shirts,stickers that make great gifts for those who like giving fun creepy giifts to their loved ones.Or themselves!
Oh and  “Trick or Treat studios” is doing 3 more of my Toxictoons Halloween Monster Masks. Like this Brand New one called, “ROT” for Halloween this year.{see picture below}
And I will be putting out  more new Limited edition shirts every month all year.
And In October i will have my 5th TOXICTOONS TRICK OR TREAT BAG Special for sale. Maybe a new artbook if i can afford them or find someone to make it.
See all my art and merch at my website WWW.TOXICTOONS.COM 

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