The Koffin Kats – Forever For Hire

Posted by Anita On January - 11 - 20116,445 views

If your resolution was to listen to better music this year (and it should’ve been) I’m here to help! How generous of me! Definitely because the Koffin Kats latest album “Forever For Hire” is catchy as hell and one of the best damn psychobilly albums I’ve heard in awhile. It truly is all killer, no filler. There’s not one song that I would skip through or that would make me cringe. All the elements of great rock n roll are here hard hitting drumbeats, catchy guitar hooks and rythmic bass.

Koffin Kats - Forever For Hire

If “rock” is going to survive in the 21st century, there should be more bands releasing more albums like this. If had to pick favourite songs, I’d go with “Wild Ride”, “Graveyard Tree Zero” and “Asylum”. Everything works so well in these songs, both the energetic music and lyrics that actually have something to say. Here’s a sample from “Asylum” “You just could’nt live by the rules, now you stay in the asylum.Ya could’nt fit in like we wanted but in here we can teach you. And if you can’t live by our rules then you’ll die in the asylum. I’m insane, so they say.” I also love the singing, which is important because there are styles of singing I can’t stand. For instance singers who sing through their nose or are too high pitched. Vic Viktor has the voice of a dark angel. No seriously, his singing fits seamlessly with this kind of music which is rare these days.
In some songs you can hear subtle influences from other genres like ska or country which I love because psychobilly was meant to be a blend of different sounds. If it works why the hell not throw it in there? It makes the album as a whole more interesting to hear and keeps this genre from going stale. If you love good rock and can’t seem to find any new stuff that gets you off, consider me the messenger. And the message is this, buy this album. And by all means, watch this band play live if you can. You will not regret it.

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