Latin Loosers!

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The Latin Loosers are a real rockabilly riot!   I had the chance to catch up with the band and get to know them.  Now is your chance!

Who makes up the line-up?

Lineup is

Sebastian  Vocals and Contrabass
Mitch   Vocals and GuitaLars
Lars  Leadguitar & Bluesharp
Andi Drumms

What has influenced your sound?

Our sound is influenced by Jonny Cash, Mike Ness from Social Distortion, Motörheadand a lot of Rock and Roll Stuff from the fiftys and sixtys like the King , Chuck Berry and so on.

What goals do you have for the band?

Our main goal is  to be true to our selves and the music we make. We dont wont to sell ourselfes an keep our style. we want to make the musik we like and dont want to follow the mainstream. We make music for the fun and it is our pleasure seeing the people dancing and rocking  to our sound.

Ever plan on touring the states?

Its a big dream from us touring through the land which is the home of rock n roll. We willt tour through Europe in 2011 and in autumn we will be in the studio. But I think 2012 we will fullfill our dream and tour throug the states.

So you have an album coming out. What can we expect from that?

The new album include a bunch of rock n roll played with much guitars hot rhythmns and two grat voices. There are some songs for the good times an the bad. But all come from our hearts and express the way we life like we celebrate and how we suffer.

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