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If you were wondering what my very first interview was like…and I know that you’re in luck! Because I’ve decided to type it down here and share it with you wonderful! So here are The Matadors from London, Ontario, Canada. I first saw their show in Vancouver and later on attended shows in Toronto. If you have’nt them live, you have’nt lived. So by all means, do so!
This interview was done by e-mail with Hooch, who is the lead singer and guitar player of the Matadors.

A: How was it like growing up in the circus? (This question is based on the bio on their website)

H: I did’nt actually grow up IN the circus…my parents retired from show biz just before they had me…that’s been a little unclear in some of my bios but that’s how it went…

A: Can you tell us anything about Jeff’s childhood?

H:All I know is: he was found in a cardboard box out behind a mental hospital…he’s prettty tight lipped about growing up. I know he went to military school for awhile…that’s it. Sorry.

A: How did you guys meet Johnny Boner? Does he actually like you?

H: Johnny likes Jeff and Bob..he HATES me…I don’t know why…We argue like an old married couple…we always have…its how we get on. We met him through the Luciferian Brotherhood…They just brought him over one day and said “this man will be travelling with you for a while…put him to work.” so we did. That was four years ago. Four LONG years.

A: If you were locked in a dungeon in hell for all of eternity and you could only have 6 records, which would they be and why?

H: Any Howlin Wolf. The Fendermen (mule skinner blues), Screamin Jay, Chuck Berry, and Django Rheinhardt…Why? Cause THAT is
the good shit…go get it.

A: What are your influences?
H: See above…my background is mostly early country and folk, blues, my formal training is in jazz for the most part and when I’m “home” (whereever that is) that’s what I play.

A: There are so many shitty bands out there both in the mainstream and underground scenes; do you think that can change?

H: No…Bands are getting shittier and shittier…the trend is that they will get even MORE shitty…

A: Why is every single song on your record so fucking good?

H: Because I am a fucking genius…and I’m a masterful guitar player…ALSO..have you heard my friend Jeff play the upright bass? He IS the greatest there has EVER been…You can’t really fail with these things on your’s just a fact. Plus: we traded our souls to Lucifer to be this great.

A: Is the “Dog House” song autobiographical?

H:’s an amalgation of a bucnh of stories…she and I wrote that over the phone…we had fun. It’s funny…the phone messages are NOT real…Anyway that is a CREEPSHOW song..let’s talk about ME and MY band.

A: What do you prefer 13 shots of? Example, bourbon, rum, whiskey..

H: Bourbon…Jim Beam dark.

A: Why is it a “brotherhood” of Baphomet? Are you guys sexist? Where are all the sisters?

H: Some of the brothers ARE sisters…see it’s just called that in name…like the botherhood of man..or peace on earth, goodwill towards men..get it? That’s all.

A: What’s hotter zombie girls or devil girls?

H: Devil girls are…zombie girls smell awful.

A: I heard you guys were protested by Christian groups in Ontario? What’s that all about?

H: Yeah, they have a beef with the LBOB…and we are its musical outreach program so they protest us since they can’t find them…its ok. We’ve learned to accept it.

A: You’ve gone through a lot of drunmers why is that?

H: I have high expectations..punctuality, no drug use, absolute dedication to the service of Lucifer..people have problems with that so they get fired.

A: Will Neil be your permemant drummer?

H: That’s a little personal is’nt it? Neil who?

A: Are you gonna come out with a new album soon? Say yes!!

H: Yes.

A: Why did put carp (fish) in people’s houses?

H: Deeply personal and religious reasons.

A: What do people need to do to become a priest in the Luciferian Brotherhood?

H: They need to apply..go to

A: Any last words?

H: Here are some words: Sackville, Chinese pizza, dope, cunt, burger soup, vaginitis, pork sword, goo lag, chicken balls, tofin, Bruce, Gord the destroyer, Space Blood, Switchblade Valentines, Rod Iron Haulers, and Ian Blurton. These are words off the top of my head.

So that’s how I survived my first interview with a band! Hope you enjoyed it! Happy holidays!

Hooch from The Matadors

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