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I was recently introduced to this odd little cinematic nugget by my older brother. Alucarda (yet another variation on Dracula, maybe) is a lurid little study in demonology from Mexico. A cinematic mish-mash that could have only been spawned in the 1970’s. As such, I’m surprised I’ve never happened across it before. Better late than never, I suppose.

Juan López Moctezuma’s film is VERY loosely based on the classic vampire novella Carmilla, but the “v-word” is never such much as uttered through out the movie. Though very clearly in the tradition of gothic vampire films, the film’s bloodsuckers are treated as a function of devil worship. In fact, the movie feels very much like a Terence Fisher-helmed Hammer shocker if it was filtered through someones drug-induced nightmare. Stuffed with images of mummy-like nuns in blood smeared habits, Roman Catholic bondage, and a demented, hunchbacked gypsy in a “Frankenstein coat.” Needless to say, Alucarda scores very highly for fans of celluloid strangeness.

It’s that very dream-like quality that is both the movies greatest strength and it’s greatest weakness. While it’s jam-packed with weird, wonderful, surreal imagery it doesn’t even really stop long enough to give you any kind of narrative. I wouldn’t suggest this movie for fans of mainstream Hollywood or even casual horror fans. I myself found it to be delightful. More than a mere afternoon’s distraction; it’s a rare kind of “stick to your ribs” horror film. I’ve been thinking about it daily ever since I first viewed it and I’m looking forward to a second viewing. I highly suggest it for fans of the gothic tradition, looking for something a little more on the raunchy side.

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