A Evening of Punk Blues at Ruta Maya

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I rolled up just in time to see “Treachery of Others” crank into an hour a half set of country rock.  Although many of their songs touched on the Austin music scene, I had never seen them before.  Their sound could be described as a mix of old school country and the space rock of the hippie jam bands.  Imagine if Phish produced an butt ugly kid with the Old 97’s and you’d have it about right.  Not really my thing, but their high level of energy infected me.  So soon I was rocking back and forth like a lost flower child drunk on Hank Williams Sr. 

After their set, Rockabilly Online’s very own Drew Edwards waltzed up on the stage.  Apparently the MC of the show, Edwards cut a handsome figure in a black western shirt and matching cowboy boots.  Always quick witted  he had the crowd cracking up at his jokes pretty quickly. Then he introduced the next band “Something Called Nothing.” 

“SCN” seems to be a popular local band.  They dress kind of like  the White Stripes, but they sound like a furious mix of rockabilly punk rock.  I thought they were pretty neat.  With major props going to Virgina Lopez, the front woman.  She had stage prescence to spare which went along way with me.

Once they finished up, Drew popped up again. This time to introduce Deadtown, the night’s headlining act.  Apparently Drew knows the lead singer from Prison, which surprised me a bit. Possibly a private joke?  I think so.

 I have seen Deadtown a few times before and this was a more stripped down sound.  But one I think really suits them.  Austin needs more straight forward rockabilly bands.  This set featured my favorite part of the night, when Jamie Bahr sang with them.  She had her cartoonish curves poured into a tight red dress, coupled with a Buster Keaton hat.  A cute outfit for a cute girl. And her voice was just so steamy,sexy, that I shivered.

I’d like to see more rockabilly/cowpunk events of this type at Ruta Maya, who normally caters to an older crowed.  This was a good evening out.

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