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Here it is folks! What you’ve all been waiting for the Koffin Kats interview that took place live in Toronto, Canaduh! After years of being insanely jealous of American psychobilly fans who get to see such bands every other day; I finally got to see the Koffin Kats energetic live show. Finally a band that sings about death but does not look dead on the stage! That’s just my cup of tea! If it’s yours too then don’t miss their show if it’s in town. And with that said, it’s on to the interview!
The Koffin Kats are Vic Viktor, Ian and E Ball Walls

A: How would you describe your music for people who don’t have a clue?

V: Punk band with an upright bass.

A: That’s it?

V: But then you have to explain what an upright bass is…it’s that big thing that looks like a cello.

A: How did you get into psychobilly in the first place?

V: When I was 12 years old I was a Beavis and Butthead fan and saw Reverend Horton Heat videos and that always stuck with me. Then I got into punk rock bands like Pennywise and Bad Religion…and just from buying CDs and going to record shops I came across Reverend Horton Heat and Stray Cats CDs. I started liking that sound a lot and just kinda found more stuff. If you like music you have to keep your mind open…and here we are.

A: I had no idea they had Reverend videos on Beavis and Butthead!

V: Yeah, it’s the Texas connection with Mike Judge being from Texas.

A: Huh, I never saw those episodes!
So for music what are your main influences?

V: From the psychobilly side it would be the Nekromantix, The Quakes, Demented Are Go all your big hitters
But I mean I listen to Bad Religion…old country when the country was good.

A: Yeah! (I love old country)

V: We listen to everything. We always have. Eric and I have been in bands since we were sophmores in high school. It’s always been different bands we listen to…

A: So around what year was that?

V: 1999..98?

A: Alright, so where do you get your inspiration to write songs like “Splatterhouse” and “Buzzkill Bitch” and other heartwarming songs of that nature?

V: For Splatterhouse that was one of my favourite games when I was a kid. And you know, you just kinda picture a macabre house with graphic images in it.
And Buzzkill Bitch was one of those songs where it could happen to anybody that’s in a drug infused relationship.

A: So have you had to deal with people getting offended?

V: Oh yeah…but that’s you know, if you’re not gonna offend anyone what fun are you?

A: So it’s better… (laughs)

V: We’re not one of those bands that set out to raise a few eyebrows and shock people. We don’t feel that we need to do that to get our music across. It’s just if a few feelings are hurt here and there, maybe you’re too sensitive to listen to this type of music, I geuss. I mean really, in comparision, we don’t sing about putting babies in microwaves. We’re actually fairly tame… We’ve dabbled in horror type of music but I stick more to writing about reality.

I: The dark side of reality.

V: Yeah.

A: Which is good! So what do you like about where you’re from? Detroit?

V: It’s where we’re from…that’s it.

A: That’s it? And what would you change about it?

V: I’d put more people back in the city and more jobs.
You can’t forget where you come from…Our families will always live in the area but it’s just that place where we live. We’re not one of those bands that are like we’re from this city so city pride or whatever. It’s just where we’re from. This is more our home then any city is. This house on wheels here. (referring to the tour bus we were sitting in).

A: Nice…it’s cozy!

V: Yeah, it’s intimate.

I and E: Yeah, very intimate.

A: So what’s the most memorable show you’ve played recently?

E: I’d say it was a show in Romania where the crowd was so crazy they decided to take Vic and Ian off the stage and they were doing parts of their set off stage.

V: We did’nt have a choice.

I: Yeah, we did’nt.. (laughs)

E: That kinda stuff is always fun from our stand point.

A: Will you coming bavck to Canada more often?

V: Yes, now that we’re legally able to.

A: Legally?

V: Our former guitar player, tommy he had some legal troubles that would’nt allow him to cross the border…therefore we would never get a replacement guitar player. It’s either he goes or we don’t go. Tommy left the band at the beginning of this year and Ian is legal…

I: I can get in. (nods)

V: So that door was unlocked for us. Because we were in Canada once before but they told us don’t come back cause Tommy had his legal troubles. They were like we’ll let you through this time but not again. So it kinda sucked because we’ve always wanted to keep coming up here. Any way we can make our tour last longer so we don’t have to go home, we’ll do it. And Canada’s always been one of those great stops for us. It’s proving to be better and better.

A: Ok, retarded question time! Given the choice, who would you rather screw a demon girl or a zombie girl?

V: Probably a demon girl! A zombie girl would be gross, man. All stinky and shit…At least a demon girl would be like I wanna do some evil things.

E: Rrrrrrr!!!! (devil horns)


A: So when you’re dead what would you liike your tombstone to say?

V: Oh, I’ve had mine picked out for a long time. It’s just gonna say: “dot, dot, dot, well, that was fun.”

A: That’s it?

V: That’s it! Well, beside my name…

A: And you?

I: I have’nt even thought of it. We have a couple of things we were gonna put on each other’s tombstones. I don’t think you should put “well, that was fun.”, you should put “don’t bust up my shit.” Put that on your tombstone.

V: I don’t actually think I’m gonna be buried. I think I’m gonna donate my body to science.

E: He’s already donated his skeleton-

A: Cool!

V: Yeah, yeah…I’ve got this all figured out.

I: I wanna get taxidermed and just be in someone’s living room just like this. (Does a buddy Jesus pose). They’ll probably put coats on me and shit.

V: I doubt that…I’d kick you over.

A: So what about cremation? Ashes?

V: No! What fun is that? I wanna have my skeleton so you know, you can position it, whatever but I want my hand locked so you can put a drink in there.

A: So it’s interactive!

V: Yeah! You know that way I’m always hanging out.

A: Alright and are there any new bands you like?

V: Swear Family, God Damn Gallows…they’ve been around as long as we have but they’re getting out there on the road now. So Swear Family, Creeping Cadavers from the east coast. I know I’m missing out on a few.

Let me explain, dear reader that at this point the digital camera stops recording. Yes, I did’nt realize there was a ten minute limit for video. Damn it! I was just so enthralled by these amusing and insightful responses to my carfelly thought out questions. Never mind, there’s only two questions left! Here’s what I can remember.

A: Off the top of your head, what are your favourite movies?

I: Ghostbuster 1 and 2, Beetlejuice, the first Ninja Turtles movie.

V: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, Cool Hand Luke.

A: (To E) And what about you? Do you have any movies you like? No?

I: He does’nt believe in watching movies. (laughs) He likes music movies like The Beatles-

E: You know, Ian’s really into movies and whenever we watch a DVD he starts talking about what’s gonna happen next and tells me the ending so I end up not watching the movie.

A: Don’t you feel like killing him?
E: Yeah! You don’t even know us and you can tell!

A: Any last words?

V: Uh..no, not yet! (lol) No…we really appreciate everyone who supports us so thank you for that.

A: Thank you for doing this interview!

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