The Voodoo, The Vampire and The Zombie

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Hey there…looking for a new comic series? Maybe with some manga influences? And some classic monsters? Then look no further then “Queen Voodoo”! And even if you’re not…look into it too, you may be pleasantly surprised…or not. Whichever, c’est la vie.

So what’s it about?
To put it simply it’s the heartwarming story about a Voodoo Queen and her zombie. There’s also stories about a group of ancient vampires and demons thrown in for good measure.
The series opens up in the 1950s in Vancouver, British Columbia and from there it’ll go on to many other times and places. This is only the beginning!! And every story needs a beginning so there you have it.

What are the main influences?
Well, classic horror movies, of course. But also manga (that’s Japanese comics). I’m espeically fond of Rumiko Takashi’s (Ranma 1/2) work and Osama Tezuka (Buddha) who is considered the godfather of manga. To be honest I only got into American comic books recently and yes it had a lot to be with a certain film starring the late Heath Ledger (who was a brilliant young actor). From the American/Western side I love Brian Azzarello, Tim Sale, Paul Dini, Bruce Timm, Alan Moore, and more I can’t think of right now.

What about the moving pictures?
For films I like everything from the golden age of Hollywood (yes, even musicals or should I say especially?) that would be the years 1930 to about 1965. And who does’nt love a good mafia movie (Casino, The GodFather, etc.) ? And right now I love, I mean LOVE Sergio Leone. I have to watch “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly” again..don’t ask why.
Oh and Troma movies are lovely their own special way.

And I can’t forget books..I read tons of non-fiction (from psyhology to history). And for fiction some of my favourites are Isabel Allende, Anne Rice (pretty obvious), Fydor Dostovesky, Herman Hesse, Kafka, etc.
I’d say in one way or another I try to throw in all these influences and hit “frappe”.
If you intend to write yourself, you can’t go wrong with reading as many books as you can. Just as if you want to work in film or TV, you should be watching shows to see what people are doing and how you could improve upon the format and content. You don’t need to pay for a writing course to be told that! Not anymore anyway… : P

What about the art?
It’s kept simple and maybe even a bit crude…keep in mind that it’s drawn by hand with no help from anyone or any technology. Once it finds a publisher I intend to polish it up and give the background more detail and more tone. But for now it is what it is and I don’t think it matters as much as telling a good story at this point.

Queen Voodoo

Any Last Words?
So I hope you consider taking a look at it and enjoy it. This is only the start and I’m hoping this will one day be real paper and ink book along with a movie and a TV show and who knows what else! Haha! No, I’d be happy with just a book. Enjoy! And don’t be shy about commenting as long as it’s constructive and polite. As a well known punk band once said “Mean people suck”. And not in a good way like vampires. That’s all for now. Chao bella!

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