A Corpse Vanishes!

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A Corpse Vanishes” is a monster mashing surf rock smash! Their sound will have you tapping your feet and screaming with terror at the same time! Combining surf rock traditionalism with a punk edge, they have easily climbed to the top of the psychobilly heap! We had ourselves a little chat with Ian from the band and this is what he had to say!

Tell us the history of the band?

The Band was originally formed in 2005 as a psychobiilly act from Alexandria La. When I moved to Austin I met Jerms , we were in a ska band for a while before I asked her if she would be into restarting ACV. Chris came along through some guys we met who were starting a horror act. Between the three of us things just kinda gelled together.

How would you describe your sound?

Thats always a tough question. I always say aggressive surf music. The basis on all that we write is Punk. We are a punk band at heart. I think of myself as a surf drummer, and Jerms defiantly works the guitar with surf leads. Chris is classically trained an I think that really helps to keep us weird and a lot of the time we are constantly exploring, especially with new material.

Who has influenced that sound?

There is a plethora of influences Dead Kennedy’s, Tom Waits, The Cramps, Bela Bartok, Nekromantix, Screamin Jay Hawkins, Patsy Cline. We could go on for hours. We are influenced by a lot of different styles and genres. Which helps keep our minds open. Actually all three of us come from ska backgrounds which is really kinda funny to me that 75% of the time we are blasting ska albums while on the road.

You’re creepy band, what’s something creepy that’s happened while on stage?

Our first show the P.A. blew like 3 songs into the set. Once it was back up and running we resumed playing an older couple was doing the Thriller Dance it was as Chris has put it “Randomly Creepy”

How would you describe Austin Texas to someone who does not live there?

Austin is super rad! If you love music and love to see shows this a great town. You can litterly walk down red river and find something your going to dig 7 nights a week. Its still a small college town but there is plenty to do.

What are some of your favorite classic horror films?

I think I have to say The Corpse Vanishes Ha ha. I’m really into old flicks and not always horror. More so suspense and adventure. Curse of Frankenstein, The Bat, Mark of the Vampire, Mr. Sardonakis and Freaks even though its not a horror film it counts. Tod Browning was amazing, I’m a fan.

What’s next for the band?

Right now Im working on a tour doc, we are planning on releasing as a DVD. We are heading into the studio again to record a EP. We will probably release those side by side in the fall.

Check ’em out on myspace!

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