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A while ago we interviewed frontman of Demented Are Go, Sparky. He announced a collaboration with the guys from 69Beavershot. The songs they will produce will be a mix between old skool Demented and 69 Beavershot, so 69Demented will be the new band name.

A lot of psychobilly fans know how Demented Are Go sounds like. How about 69 Beavershot? I got a hold on their latest cd Maximum Rockabilly. It was released back in 2004 by Raucous Records.

The first song “Dirty to be” immediately grabs you by your tail to get you boppin around. Maybe even sweep your darling all across the room (be gentle)! It’s too rough to be jive, because the guitar sound is a raw version of Brian Setzer’s, but you can dance to it.

“Hot Rod Blood” has that stomping rhythm that reminds me of The Stray Cats “Runaway boys”. This song is dedicated to Robert van Driel’s (the guitarist and songwriter) love for cars. “Don’t want your woman”, written by Marcel van den Berg, is dedicated to ugly woman I guess, ;-p. “She’s got hair on her teeth, tits right down to her knees.” Very funny, you should listen to the lyrics

 “Gold Digger” is THE hardrock song of this cd. So after jiving, you could move the furniture to go wrecking with anyone who is on arm length distance. If you’re not the wrecking kind, go and run for a while with this song on your mp3 player.

With “I feel fine” we’re back to rock and roll again. We listen to two guitar parts of Robert. The strong guide guitar, and the clear riffs in between the lyrics. Great solo too, he’s got flexible fingers!

With 13 songs this is a very well written cd, by Robert, Marcel and Marc. I just can’t believe this full pumping sound is produced by only three musicians. I like the different styles and rhythm, glued together by Robert’s way of guitarplaying. You can dance on it, wreck to it but also great for playing in your car, that is if your hotrod, has a cd player built in.

I’ll close this review with my favorite song “Speed track”. I can’t sit still when hearing this song. And as a cherry on top, they have a great video with it! Heads up guys!


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