The Ghost Storys!

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The Ghost Storys are “Neo-Psychobilly” from “Space City” Texas! What does that mean? Find out below!

Tell us some of the history behind the band?

Started here in Texas some four and a half years back, toured dozens of times. We’ve had a few line up changes along the way, just Tucker and I (Zteben) still here from the start. I just moved to Upright Bass and we have a handful of great Guitar players filling in or trading off. We have done two full length albums and are working on two more at the moment.

You call yourselves “Neo-Psychobilly.”  What do you mean by that?

Well we tapped a bit into it on our second album “Planet Probe”. We don’t feel that we fit into the “American Psychobilly” genre 100% or with the now So Cal movement of “Old School Psychobilly”. Though I do think the movement in Cali is the best thing to happen to the U.S. scene and hope it keeps going. We’re doing a lot more of what we consider “Neo-Psychobilly” on the next two albums. For us on “Neo-Psychobilly” we’ll move away a bit from the twelve bar blues scale and incorporate scales or guitar patterns seen more in metal, but use them with a much cleaner tone and with more rhythm off the 2/4 beat. Also while incorporating more sound effects on our instruments we will still be maintaining the heart of it all, original Psychobilly.

What music has influenced you?

We’ve all listened to all types of niche or underground music, from everything to Thrash Metal/Speed Metal, 1st/2nd Wave Ska, Neo-Rockabilly, 80’s Punk, SoCal Punk, but of course the main influence is 80’s Euro Psychobilly.

What is your opinion of the Texas Psychobilly scene?

Great! We love it here and the scene has been good to us. 2nd largest in the Country, and very spread out in about a dozen cities, so we don’t get bored of it. The scene keeps growing every year, even if it dies a bit in one city another city picks it back up. We’ve seen a good amount of bands come and go but some of the newer bands have developed a really good sound.
You’ve toured around the world a lot. What are some of your favorite places to play?

So Cal is our favorite, then Brazil, both have the largest scenes we have seen and amazing crowd response.

Name some of the bands you’ve played with?
Long Tall Texans, Levi Dexter, Rezurex, The Misfits, Sick Sick Sinners, Frenzy, Barnyard Ballers, Guana Batz, 12 Step Rebels, The Polecats

You have a new album you’re working on right?

Ha, yeah, well. I was working on our 3rd album but have decided to make it our 4th. The album will be titled “the Last Zyborg” and will also be a concept album. Based off a Sci-Fi story I wrote about a short lived breed of alien creatures that are part robotic who rebel against a life form that will be breed then manufactured for slavery. The album will have a very different sound then anything we have done and ideas of some opera/orchestra have been thrown around. We will release something in the mean time for the 3rd album just of our typical sound basically because the “Zyborg” album will take so much energy and time. The 3rd album should be out within the year and “the Last Zyborg” should be seen around 2012/2013. We will start recording on both in a couple months.

Anything else you’d like to plug?

Just to keep an eye out for some videos in the works as well as a live DVD in the future, and of course us playing your city, maybe touring your country…

For more on the Ghost Storys, check out their Myspace!

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