13 Black Coffins!

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13 Black Coffins are a female fronted psychobilly group from Houston!  I was able to nail down a few questions for the band’s front woman and here are the answers!

Tell us about the band and how it came to be?

The band started as a side project where my original band members and I could just mix our styles all together and create whatever we felt was good. We knew the style was going to have psychobilly flavor cause of the upright, but just went with the flow on just about everything else.

Who plays what?

Dan Hernandez – on guitar
David Najera – drums
Jason “Pachuco” Gutierrez – upright bass
Melane Torres – Vocals

What sets you apart from other psycho/horror bands?

I think what sets us apart from other bands is the way we just mix it all up. We try different things. We don’t stick to one certain style or sound.

What can fans expect from a 13 Black Coffins live show?

Sometimes I’m sweet and sometimes I’m mean, but its all 13BC. We go into new venues and shock people all the time. Every time we hit the stage we do it with talent, heart, and a whole lot of passion and faith in what we are saying and doing to the crowds. I’m all over the stage the guys do what they are great at and sometimes we surprise ourselves with how well the crowd responds.

As a female fronted band, do you think you have a different vibe than male fronted acts?

The fact that I’m a female in a psychobilly punk band named 13 Black Coffins is different enough. The fact that I can sing and scream makes it interesting. And my femininity is intriguing to men and women. I think a male up on stage singing and screaming to a sick psycho tune is as great as the next gal. Guys have a different purpose on stage. They dominate and want to be projected as bad asses! Cause of course they are. But when a lady like myself hits the stage your getting more than just me being a bad ass. Your getting a bit of my vulnerability, sexiness, and charm as well. Its in the lyrics and how I sing them. I hope that answers that question. I don’t wanna sound like I don’t think men on stage are sexy or can be vulnerable. I’m just thinking that because I’m a woman, I’m allowed to be all these things on stage and not seen as any less of a woman. Guys are much harder on each other for showing sensitive sides.

Any upcoming shows we should know about?

We are really looking forward to our show in November with The Reverend Horton Heat at the House of Blues here in our hometown Houston, TX. Tickets and info are available on the House Of Blues website for Houston shows.

For more on “13BC” check out their Myspace!

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