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By Anita Fixx
This was my first time ever interviewing on the phone so this is how it goes. I call and ask:
“Uh hi is this Kim?” Voice on other side says “Yeah it’s Kim.How are you?” “Oh good…it’s Anita from Absolute Underground. So how are you doing?” “Good I’m just a bit stressed out because I’ve been in the studio with my other band The Horrorpops and then I’m touring.” So we launch into a discussion about the two bands. Which leads to something I want to ask, “How come The Horrorpops have
come up to Canada a few times but not the Nekromantix?”
He says “We wanted to come but it hasn’t been able to happen yet. It’s difficult to juggle the two bands. It takes a lot of time” Does it have anything to do with border trouble?
“No it’s not really a problem. The thing is some bands don’t want to do all the paper work and pay for the merch to get up there so then there’s trouble.”

AF: So onto B-movies what do you like about them and what are your favorites?
Nekro: I like the silent movies that had no words; they just show everything with images. Nosferatu is my ultimate favorite, it’s just fucking gothic and I like Evil Dead. It’s a classic.

AF: The coffin bass is a great idea, I think it’s cool. But I heard you keep making new ones so what happened to the old ones?
Nekro: I just modified them. I take them apart and make new parts. I started from scratch and then improved on it.

AF: And the old ones were they recycled or sold?
Nekro: No I won’t sell them. I just change it then start another one.

AF: Would you ever put a dead body in one?
Nekro: Yeah maybe a small one like a midget or child would fit. But the sound would definitely change with all the bones inside.

AF: You’ve been in the psychobilly scene for awhile now. How has it changed?
Nekro: The psychobilly scene has always been really small throughout the years. The exposure we’ve gotten from Hellcat has really opened a lot of doors. More people are listening to it than before. It’s good to keep expanding the audience for a band. Except for the purists who always complain and say it’s a sell out. But it’s like that in every scene, there are purists who talk shit about selling out. Some bands end up playing for the same fans all the time for years. It’s good for a band to be able to play for a bigger audience and make more music.

AF: I read somewhere that “Demons are a Girl’s Best Friend” was controversial. Why?
Nekro: I don’t know. I have no idea who wrote that.

AF: Wasn’t it on Danish news?
Nekro: I don’t know much about it. But Denmark is a very small country so it’ll be on the local TV and radio sometimes.

AF: Do you ever have any trouble with religious people?
Nekro: No not really. Some people say “Oh, why would you sing that?” But I just write about anything I want. It’s just life wrapped up in horror. It’s an interesting way to express things… to twist it up a bit.

AF: Ok so the album names are creative puns like “Demons are a Girl’s Best Friend”. I like “Jack the Stripper” would it be ok with you if someone opens up a strip club with that name?
Nekro: Yeah that’s cool. That’s an awesome idea! But if I were a guy wanting to go to a titty bar I’d be like “What the hell is this?

AF: Yeah so I was thinking it could be for women and the guys strip.
Nekro: Yeah, that could work.

AF: You’re band was nominated for a Grammy. What did you think about that?
Nekro: It was funny. We were in the heavy metal category. We were just having a laugh sitting around these celebrities.

AF: That brings me to the next question. You’ve said that the band philosophy is just to have fun, so what do you think of the really serious types like Emos and Goths?
Nekro: I can only laugh at that. Although I do know some that are cool. I think it’s good to let humour shine through in the music. But I find the newcomers to the scene are usually the most serious ones. I think they need to loosen up. Why be so serious when you’re only 19?
There are times to be sad and times to be happy. Life is like that, it’s a balance. How can you really enjoy the good times if you’ve never been through the bad ones?
Horror is like a cartoon for grown ups. It’s a way to escape from reality. But it also stimulates a different side of your mind. So if the Goths want to think they’re vampires that’s okay. As long as it doesn’t hurt anyone. Whatever stimulates your mind and helps you.

AF: What’s hotter dead girls or live girls?
Nekro: I would take the live ones. But she could always be dead… you know now that I think of it a cold women with blue lips is arousing.

AF: What do you prefer playing most guitar or bass?
Nekro: I like playing both, that way it’s not always the same and gets boring. I love the combination. It would be like if I could change wives or girlfriends… maybe I should consider becoming Mormon.

AF: On your upcoming Canadian tour there are no Vancouver dates. Why?
Nekro: Because it’s difficult to go to Toronto and then re-enter the border at Vancouver. We would have to pay double in taxes for the merch and everything. It would be a big hassle.”

You know what this means don’t you? Petition the government to stop this stupid paying taxes at the border shit! Come on people! Of course you can always just go down to Seattle on July 14th to see the show and forget
about it. Stay psycho!

Nekromantix Gig

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