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For years I’ve been a big fan of Poison Candy Fashions!   I was lucky enough to get a few moments of Rebecca’s time to pick her brain about the line!

Tell us about yourself?

I am an Aries, enjoy long walks on the beach, love puppies and have a wicked shoe fetish.

What’s it like living in Las Vegas?
That is a difficult question to answer.  When people think of Vegas they are often attracted to visions of the Rat Pack, showgirls, Elvis, etc…Las Vegas is constantly evolving, so the current trends in nightlife tend to be multiplied here.  It is a 24 hour city, so you can drink and gamble anytime you like. I am pretty burned out on the nightlife, so most days I can usually be found working on Poison Candy stuff and lounging by the pool with my dog.
How would you describe the rockabilly scene in Vegas?
We have many rockabilly enthusiasts here, however everyone is sort of spread out as there isn’t a centralized ” alternative hang out” part of town like most other cities.  There are tons of classic cars and bikes here which are always a pleasant surprise when I’m cruising around town.
What’s the history of Poison Candy?
I started PC right after I graduated from design school in 2001.  I was living in New Orleans at the time and working as a freelance costume designer.  I moved to Las Vegas in 2003 and my website went online in 2005.
What goes into the design process for each outfit?
Such a process!  Each collection begins with an inspiration.  Once I have my muse, I start with some sketches of my design ideas.  From there I have the patterns drafted, search for fabrics, sew samples, and figure out how many of each size to have the factory manufacture.
What makes Poison Candy stand out from other rockabilly/psychobilly inspired clothing lines?
I think that every line has something different to offer.  My line balances retro and modern style with just a bit of an edge.  There are so many amazing lines out there!
Ever think about doing men’s clothing as well?
Absolutely!  I have done quite a bit of custom work for fellas and will be bringing it to the PC collection soon.
What designers have influenced you?
That is easy…Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen are at the top of my list.
Your photo shoots are amazing! How involved are you in those?
Thank you!  There are a few models/photographers that I send merch to and trust that they will represent PC well.  More often than not, however, I book several girls and have a local photographer shoot them here in Las Vegas.
Who are some of your favorite models to work with?
Jami Deadly, Asia DeVinyl, Bernie Dexter, and Jasmine Worth have all been working with me for years.  They are without a doubt 100% pure professionals and always a pleasure.
What makes for an ideal “Poison Candy girl?”
I think that a Poison Candy girl is equal parts sass and class.  A PC girl is expressive and passionate, knowing damn well that she is a force to be reckoned with, yet always choosing to behave like a lady.
You  love horror movies. What are some of your favorites?
I love “Night of the Living Dead”, “Spyder Baby”, and too many Alfred Hitchcock films to list.  In the arena of newer flicks, I think that “Trick ‘r Treat” was great along with the first “Saw” movie, “Dead Girl” and of course “Zombieland”!
Any upcoming projects we should be aware of?   
The Poison Candy website is undergoing an entire rebuild!  The new site will be easier to navigate and have a fabulous, fresh look!
Check out Poison Candy online!

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