Devils Rose!

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Devils Rose is a Cali based “psychopunk” outfit that’s touring around a lot of these days.   In gearing up for the upcoming “Freakshow Festival”  we sat down with Johan Dardon for a quick chat.

Q.Give us a brief rundown of the band’s history and who makes up the band?

A.  This band started about two and half years ago.  It started out as a hobby, nothing too serious.
But after a few months and a run in with johnny law, my time was well spent thinking about the potential of the band.

Funny story, I called up my buddy and asked, “Hey, you wanna play in my band and play bass for us?”  Come first day of practice, little did I know he didn’t own a bass let alone know how to play one, but you know what they say.  Where there’s a wil,l there’s a way.  And before we knew it, he bought himself a stand up bass and taught himself in a week.  That’s Nelson’s story.

Anthony was a mutual friend and well know musician in our local scene.  We asked him to fill in for a few shows.  We quickly fell in love with his raw musical style and what he brings to the band.

Q.  What genre would you say the band is?  Near as I can tell, you mix everything from metal, psychobilly, punk, and I hear a lot of hardcore in there as well.

A.  We just say Rock ‘N’ Roll!  But you nailed it.  We like to mix everything, but I don’t know about the hardcore.

Q.  Which song do you guys enjoy playing the most?

A.  Well…… mine is “Rockabilly Baby”.  Nelson’s favorite is “Rebel Without a Cause.”  As for Anthony, I don’t know.  He loves every song.

Q.  You guys are playing the Freakshow Festival. There you will be sharing the stage with acts like Rev. Horton Heat, Horrorpops, the Creepshow, and Koffin Kats; some of the biggest acts in psychobilly.  How does that feel?A.  Fucking AWESOME!!! We’re very grateful and honored to be on the bill with so many great musicians.  We cant wait!!

Q.  You guys are a “Cali” band.  California seems to have a wealth of this kind of music.

Why do you think that is?A.  There’s a lot of different cultural backgrounds and music.  The diversity gives room for creativity and opportunity.

Q.  Tell us about your upcoming “mini-tour” in October?

A.  Well it consists of of six stops in Dallas, cheap motels and being crammed in a small car, living the American dream.Houston, Austin, El Paso, Tucson, Scottsdale and back to Cali.  All of them are with Koffin Kats and Creepshow.  We’re really excited about playing with them, staying in

Q.Anything else we should know about?

A.  Well all have a third testicle.  Just kidding.  We rock out with our cocks out (seriously).
Nah, just be on the look out for us.  We’re planing on making shit happen.

For more on the Devils Rose check ’em out on Myspace!

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