69Demented the sequel to Demented are go

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I entered the shop of Tattoo West in Rotterdam, where I’m supposed to meet Spark. With this interview I arranged a photo shoot for them with my brother who is a photographer. The owner of Tattoo West and guitarplayer of 69Beavershot, Robert is standing in the doorway, telling us that Spark came by four times that day. He was anxious for the photoshoot.

A few days before I was reading some interviews about Demented are Go. Being arrested, being denied entry to the US, being charged… People wishing me good luck with the interview and praying Oh God, for me. Hehe. This could be interesting.

Photo by Jeffrey Slangen

I was expecting a tall man with blue hair and zombie make up, but there he was. I think a bit taller than I am, but not much, purple painted nails, blue hair, skateboard under his arm and not looking like a zombie at all. In fact, he was alive and kicking. Happy to see Rob and the rest of his new band… oops… let’s not spoil the surprise. I sat down with him at the shop’s diner table.

Are you ready for the photoshoot later? Aren’t you going to put on some make up?
Make up? Why? I am a handsome man just the way I am. Or do you wanna see a zombie? (laughing out loud).

No, not particularly. But I thought… this is going on the web and all
On the web? What do you mean? Like spiderman?  

Hehe, no I mean the internet. Online you know
I’m not into that kind of thing. I’m not an online guy. I’d rather take knickers off-line!

How are you by the way? You moved to The Netherlands and live here in Rotterdam for three years now. How do you like it.
(He relaxes and becomes serious) I like it very much. It is the best place I’ve ever been. My best friends are here. My girlfriend, Rob the barber, Rob of this tattooshop. I got many friends here. Really. I feel safe here. In London I would have six fights a day. Today I only had three nearly fights.  


Photo by Jeffrey Slangen

What do you mean? Six fights a day? Really? How come? Is it because the way you look?

No, because I start them! But today cops took two of my knives away. They said I was waving them around. Maybe I was, maybe I wasn’t. I didn’t get arrested. They let me go. But for how long I don’t know.  

So how is Demented?
Well, the band split up at the moment. And I got a new band with the guys of 69Beavershot. It will be called 69Demented. We play good rock and roll, old skool rockabilly and old skool Demented. I also wrote some new songs and Marcel of 69Beavershot too. So together we’ll mix them into our new band. We have recordingplans too.

How did you meet those guys?
I moved here around the corner just four months ago. And I bumped on Robert on the street. I said: “Hey, you are from 69Beavershot right?! I love your band.” I really think it is a cool band. We rehearsed at the studio and it sounds great already. We got Robert on guitar, Mars on double bass and Marc on drums.

Who influenced you when you were young?
Well when I was twelve, I was a small Teddy boy already. I met the Taffswell teddy boys and they took me under their wing. They took me to all the shows, places there was at that time. Most of the shows were of Crazy Cavan. We listened to Sonny Burgess a lot. I still listen to Sonny all day. Anyway… one of those guys got me his dad’s original 1950’s tailor made drape suit. I was so proud to have that drape. Really. I was brought up by those teddy boys.

Photo by Jeffrey Slangen

How do you write your songs?
In my wet dreams. I have many dreams. Wet dreams most of the times.  But also I just sit and it pops into my head. It comes in waves.

If you could change the past, what would you do differently?
If I could change it, Elvis would not be dead, Buddy Holly would not be dead, Eddy Cochran would not be dead. But Michael Jackson I would hang him like Jesus on a cross and hit some rusty nails into his crotch.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
10 feet under. Or 10.000 lightyears in space. No I think 10 feet under.

What is your favorite word?

What’s your favorite place?
Still Rotterdam (sighs). The weather in Wales is quite the same, but there it is pouring constantly. So the climate here is better.

Photo by Jeffrey Slangen

(I’m looking behind me, the guys are dressed up in black jackets and pants for the photoshoot. Spark looks up.) Well those guys are a bit different than the ones you played with before. Do they have to be a bit crazy like you to work with you? Will they wear make up too?
Yeah, they’re different. But I’m gonna be dressed and booted too you know. I think I am ready for something new. No the make up … we’ll just see how things work out.

I thanked Spark for his time and he shakes my hand politely. Then I wait around and watch them during the photoshoot. They’re really having fun in the shop, posing on the fifties couch, on the motorbike, in the tattoo area on the tattoo seat. Cops driving by ten times, to check this knife lover. Dirty jokes and laughs. He looks very happy with his new mates.

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