Hotrod Hillbillies!

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The Hotrod Hillbillies are full throttle psycho music from Austin, Texas.  Playing a special blend of punk and rockabilly,  they’re ready to take over the Austin scene!  Find out more about them below!

Just who are the Hotrod Hillbillies?

Current Tour Line up is (Myself) Xavier Ortiz, Slap Bass is Tony Slash (Also Lead Singer/Guitar for The Rocketz) and Christan Shaw on Drums.

You call yourselves “Texas Punkabilly.” Do you think Texans have a different approach to this kind of music?

Texans are proud and loud about anything Texas, and Texas music is a very special blend so I think Texans have our backs and would agree that we play Texas Punkabilly.

Specifically what Texas based performers and singers influenced your sound?

I don’t think we sound like too much of anyone but, I do love me some Ernest Tubb, Jim Heath (The Rev), and on our new CD we covered “Good Hearted Woman” by Willie Nelson/Waylon Jennings.

How would you describe your sound to someone who has never heard your band?

A damn good Texas time with a mix of Country, Blues and punk all blended together.

You’re on tour right now. How is the road treating you?

It’s like being at summer camp with your friends, it’s been super fun. We usually only do 3 or 4 weeks in each region, but this is a big one, 3 months totally and nationwide. It’s a great group of guys who know how to work hard and play hard, and we all respect each other and stay on point.

The turnout has been good, we’ve meet a lot of nice folks and people who have opened their homes, even taken us on boat rides and other fun tourist things. Also, a big shout out to our Promoters and Street teams for working it for us. You know who you are.

Any nutty stories from your tour?

Well, what goes on the road stays on the road, but yeah here’s one. We were invited to go on a boat cruise in Seattle. The guy took a while to show up, but we got on the boat, which was a little rickety, and note, this was Christan’s (Drummer) first time on a boat, then as we get underway he asked if it was OK if we stopped to drop off some of his ex girlfriends stuff. So a few miles up we docked and sure enough we are helping him with bags and boxes of her clothes and stuff. Luckily it was a no hassle/no cussing situation, but still uncomfortable.

So, on with the cruise right? Nope, we get a call that we have to come back to the hotel and when we asked the captain to take us back, he just laughed. At first we weren’t sure how to take him seriously, he was quite the character, and poor Christian was creeped out by him while hanging on for dear life. So, as we tried to explain why we had to go back, he finally explained it was too late as we were already passed the locks and in open water.

So we were pretty much kidnapped for a few hours. It turned out to be a great boat ride during sunset, drinking beers and all. Unfortunately we never made it back to our van, we were dropped off clear across Seattle and had to take a cab all the way back.

What goes into a typical live show?

Well, we mix it up with a few fast tunes, then pull out the Hillbilly/Cowpunk stuff. I have some old 1950’s TV/Radio Commercials like Sex Ed stuff, Pabst Blue Ribbon, etc, that I play as samples between some songs. We always tell a good story during our new song “Probation” and of course talk about ex wives/girlfriends during “B.I.T.C.H.” Not to mention Tony has been a hoot, wearing coveralls, making hillbilly gestures, hooping and hollering, and making animal sounds. He’s a great musician and showman.

You put out a CD recently, tell us about that?

“You Wanna Race” was recorded March 2010 at Pot of Gold Studios in Orange County with Dave Irish and Johnny Wrench at the helm. Tony Slash of The Rocketz is slappin’ the bass, David Cisneros (Badluck Bandits) on drums, and we had Al Martinez (Moonlight Cruisers/Sugar Daddys) doing some pedal steel and extra guitar.

I have some personal messages on some songs where I address scorned women, car club fights and what not, but for the most part it’s a fun record. We have an instrumental called “Poultry Love” which is full of cowbell and farm animals. “My 3 Wives” is about a few thangs I’ve dated back in Texas, second line is very catchy “She was a little bit Bi, but a whole lot of Polar” ha ha…But note, I’ve only been married once.

There is a nice sultry blues tune that sings “and just like Texas, She’s Big and Tall”. The last song on the record “Terribly Wrong” is very Hank Williams-like, and reaches out to a lot of us who are laid off, strugglin’ to make the rent and child support.

I was honored to have such amazing musicians on this one, and I really hope everyone who reads this goes and downloads a copy. I think there is at least one song on it that we can all relate to.

Any thing else coming up that we should be aware of?

Well, we are already discussing another record; we already have 4 new songs we created while on the road together. Tony Slash is offering his 19 year old son, Anthony Drinkwater, who currently plays for The Rocketz. He’s an amazing drummer and is about to graduate from MI (Musician Institute) in Los Angeles. Pretty excited about that, and hoping to keep rocking the road more, so anyone interested in booking us, hit me up at Facebook and My Space.

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