Season Of Nightmares

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Season of Nightmares : Psychobilly from the West Coast!

Season of Nightmares

Here is an interview with a band called Season of Nightmares. If you haven’t heard their album yet “Monster Mash from the Fifth Dimension” run and get it! Really, if you like good psychobilly and have a twisted sense of humour you can’t go wrong…especially now that it’s Halloween time. Wicked! Just watch out for those apples stuffed with razor blades. Cheers, Anita Fixx

1. First of all, how did you guys meet and form this band?

NICK: We formed as a band during high school. Bill and I shared a homeroom together freshman year and would often swap CDs of the punk and Appalachian death polka persuasion and Bill and Steve knew each other through the school’s band. Over the course of a couple years (i.e. Nick finally being able to afford a decent upright) we all became friends and SoN simply fell into place.

2. Second of all, how is the tour going so far?
(Shall it be “went” at this point?)

BILL:Absolutely bitchin’! We were so pleased to get to share the road with such an astounding up and coming band as Bamboula. They are such a rad group of guys that even when the shows had a smaller turn out or the long drives were getting to us we all somehow would find a way to have a good time, even if it involved shooting fireworks at each other, dancing around on stage in a Pink Panther costume or stylistically consuming ice cream cones in the most homoerotic way in front of an obviously homophobic Texan woman at a gas
station as Nick wore shorty shorts. She hated us, but we loved her.

3. You’ve recently played shows in Vancouver how was it? Did you like
Vancouver and B.C?

STEVE: Vancouver B.C. really is our home away from home. Our shows up there to date have been nothing short of insane. We have made plenty of friends there and are never hesitant to play up there when given the opportunity. If it weren’t for the strenuous border regulations we would undoubtedly love to play more and more throughout the provinces, so hopefully in time we’ll be able to make the happen.

3. How do you guys come up with ideas for songs? what’s your process?

NICK: The majority of the time Bill is in charge of birthing new tunes.
Usually he’ll come to us with a couple of parts to a song, be it a verse, a chorus, a melody or just an idea. From there we piece it together, tear it apart, and then piece it back together again. Sometimes it’s a long process and sometimes it’s not.

4. You have songs like “Stabbed to Life” and “Sadistic Masochistic” has any one ever been offended? Or do people get it?

NICK: My mom didn’t get it, but just about everyone else seems to follow.

5. What would be your most memorable show?

STEVE: Our recent show in Tijuana Mexico comes to mind. It was great to play in a place where though there is a small scene the kids that come to the shows are so absurdly appreciative. Going to TJ in itself is quite a mind trip due to the immense cultural and economic distinction, but to go to such a place and have people going completely ape is an event that will alwaysstand out in our memories.

6. What bands/albums inspired you to make music and still do?

BILL: That is an incredibly difficult question to answer. We as a band and individually root our music in so many different things as most bands do. Whether surprising or not, we don’t generally feed a lot off of psychobilly music. There’s no doubt that we are more than familiar with the genre and have our favorites, specifically such influential bands as The Quakes and our hometown heroes THE SPECTRES! But we take our playing style from all over the place: jazz, swing, punk, garage, ska, lounge, Appalachian death polka, you name it and we’ll listen to it…at least once, and then just maybe it’ll sneak its way into a song.

7. Time for some dumb questions! Have you ever seen a UFO or had close encounters of the third kind?
BILL: Well Steve ran into Richard Dreyfuss at an LFO concert once. That’s close, right?

8. If so what did they do to you?
STEVE: Mr. Dreyfuss was scalping tickets. I’m sure you can imagine it was very disturbing and surreal.

9. Would a normal girl really leave her boyfriend for a swamp monster? Or are they that sexy?
BILL: The possibility is alarmingly greater than most would think. 6ft swamp critters are next to irresistible. You know it, I know it. I’m tellin’ ya, it’s the gills…and the webbed fingers and toes. It’s just sexy. Who knows what else is webbed?

10. What is sexier a swamp monster, a voodoo queen or Frankenstein’s bride?
NICK: A Voodoo Queen because she can MAKE you think she’s sexier than everyone else, even if she’s Mama Fratelli from the Goonies. Mama Fratelli is hot, nuff said.

11. I want to try something new here. I wanna do some word association.
Please write the first thing that comes to mind (even if it’s just one

Steve McQueen



Mama Fratelli’s boobs


12. Would you ever be tempted to tour in the east coast (Toronto, Ontario for example…) ?
NICK: Abso-FREAKIN-lutely! It’s really just a matter of work visas and all that border-jive like we mentioned before. As soon as we can we’ll be there.

13. Any last words?
You are what urethra!

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