Repo The Genetic Opera Review

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Repo! The Genetic Opera
Ever wanted to see an opera set in the not too distant future about a man who’s job description is to repossess people’s organ transplants when they’re missed a payment? Of course you have! And here’s your
chance! It’s produced and directed by the people who brought you three of the “Saw” movies. Honestly I’m not a fan at all of those movies; in fact I hate them but Repo! Did look different so I gave it a chance. I’m glad I did.

It’s funny because the director was in attendance and someone asked him if he preferred the Saw franchise or Repo, he replied without thinking it over “Repo!”. The sad fact is if you want to make a living as a filmmaker you have to make the more commercial shit unless you want to spend your daytime hours saying,
“do you want fries with that?” So leave your judgments and expectations at the door this is not like anything you’ve seen or heard. It is refreshing to see something so original up on the big screen considering all the re-makes and sequels clogging the multiplex. So not surprisingly this is a very limited release, if it’s showing at a theatre near you go see it now!

Repo! Is set in a future where a large corporation named Geneco has made a profit out of human illness and suffering kind of like our present! Failure to make payments results in repossession of your organ transplants and the Repo men are not exactly known for their gentle treatment of debt-ridden clients.

The movie depicts a fully realized world (think Blade Runner on a bad acid trip) with fantastically demented characters like the plastic surgery obsessed Amber Sweet (played by the infamous Paris Hilton). This is the
role she was born to play (if there ever was one), a spoiled rich brat heiress to the Geneco fortune. Her brothers Luigi (Bill Mosely) and Pavi Largo (Ogre from the band Skinny puppy) are also sad examples of what too much money and time can do to you. Oh but what a delight to watch! Then there’s the gorgeous
and mysterious Blind Mag (opera singer Sarah Brightman) and the oddly charismatic Graverobber (Terrance Zdunich). These characters stood out for me, especially Blind Mag who is owned by Geneco who gave her digital eyes to see. One problem is that these characters are not given enough screen time to develop and really
tell their stories. The stars of the show are of course, Repo Man and his
teenaged daughter Shilo who suffers from a rare blood disease that has kept her
imprisoned in her home. The story is driven by what happens as Shilo steps out
into this crazy, violent world. Yes, there’s blood and gore aplenty if that’s
what floats your boat. Incredible, elaborate set and costume designs if that
matters to you (it sure does to me). And some great songs to be honest not all
songs were to my liking such as Shilo’s “Seventeen” song it was a bit too
cheesy but then you get another musical number that more then makes up for it.
Despite any shortcomings (Hilton included here) this is a film you have to see
at least once. There is nothing quite like this on film. In fact it’s surprising
that no one has made a bloody, gore-filled rock opera before, it’s a great time
to be had. Apparently there was no wide release in theatres because most people
wouldn’t “get it” that’s tough shit. Sucks to be normal. It’s a fucked up opera
what’s not to like?

.. And despite what some critics have said about the music not being catchy enough, that’s not true at all. The songs have been in my head for days! And it’s a good thing…I’m definitely getting the soundtrack asap. Just don’t go in expecting the typical musical movie score. It’s a great mish mash of styles from traditional opera to industrial to punk, which is a perfect blend once you get into it. So yeah, don’t miss out on this, it’s one of the few truly original films of the past few years.

Anita Fixx

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