Zombie it! Quick and Easy Halloween make-up

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I know it’s early September, but Halloween is just around the corner. The candy is already out! And for a Halloween freak like myself, September is all about the prep.

It’s a great time to hit vintage stores for ideas and items to make a kick-ass costume from scratch. Because let’s face it, the coolest ones are always home-made. And look like you’ve put a lot of effort into them.

If you’re not into making a costume, and you just want to put on a pair of devil horns/cat ears and call it a day – you’re talking to the wrong girl.

I go all out. Three years ago I spent almost 10 hours sewing together a patchwork dress for my Sally the Ragdoll ensemble. And last year I spent about three hours shaping, colouring and moistening my wounds for my Little Dead Riding Hood costume. Halloween is serious business to me.

But I totally understand that not everybody has that kind of time or dedication. Some of you may have jobs or social lives.

That’s great because I’ve found a quick and neat way to transform any old costume into a frightening display. With a little bit zombie make-up. The good thing about zombies is they do not discriminate via race, gender or occupation. Anyone can be a zombie.

Got an old fairy costume laying about? Zombie it!

Prom dress? Rip it and pour some blood on that sucker and Zombie it!

I found this YouTube tutorial last Halloween by Cora at Vintageortacky, when I was looking for dead-girl make-up. I tried it out on a friend, and it looked so wicked. It’s the perfect balance between glamour and grotesque.

All you need are the following items:

– Eye lash glue

– A small paint brush

– Bruise make-up palette (You can usually get this at a Halloween supply store or in a pharmacy with all the other costume stuff)

In the video, Cora demonstrates a zombie pin-up look. But you could easily turn this into a zombie Elvis, zombie magician, zombie whatever.

It’s a really easy and cheap way to transform just about anything you throw on into a costume. And if you do it right, it can look pretty fabulous and disgusting.

Rub on some fake blood and dirt to your clothes, and you’re all set to start munching down on some brains … er, candy.

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