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Like Jamie Bahr and Kerosene Deluxe, Demonica de Morte is part of a new breed of plus sized pin-up. Based out of the great white north, we sat down for a chat with her. In doing so we talked about music, her career, and of course…deep cleavage.

1) First off, tell us a little about how you got into pin-up modeling?

My pin-up style of modeling came into my life just as my burlesque career started. When I originally started modeling, I started off with fetish, bondage, gothic and very little implied nudity/topless. I then fell bored of the style because it was starting to become more trendy & popular to a lot of ‘wannabe’ models. Everyone wanted to become a ‘fetish model’ and no one wanted to be original anymore. This is when I started to be more open and daring about my modeling and my styles started to mature into something more unique by using different genres of art, fashion, movies, interests and my imagination to come up with something totally different and with my own style. I do enjoy doing pin-up/burlesque styles, which has also became very trendy and mainstream over the last few years, but what I really enjoy most, is using my own imagination and emotion when I model. I like my photographs to tell a story and feel and emotion of that particular moment, not just to show a pretty picture with a pretty face.

2) Your style has a bit more of an Edward Gorey / Charles Addams kind of vibe. What influenced that?

Honestly, my influence came from my own imagination, emotions and events through my life. I have a HUGE interest for dark/gothic, nude, fantasy, Victorian, baroque, erotica art & photography. I try to use my own imagination as much as possible rather then using other artists & models ideas and trying not to do what’s trendy or popular.

3) You’re based out of Canada. Is the great white north more open to plus sized models than the States?

“Plus Sized” women (or in my eyes, REAL women) are slowly starting to become more recognized in the fashion industry and media over the last couple years which has helped a lot of women to accept them for who they are. There are a lot of women out there who can relate to how the media, the fashion industry and dance industry have brained washed these beautiful women into making them feel disgusted and unhappy about their bodies because they don’t have the so called “cookie-cutter, fake Barbie doll look” which gives women the idea that being stick thin is “sexy” and “perfect”. This is totally unacceptable! Who is it to say what is beautiful & perfect, and what is not!? I’d rather have a bit of chunk on my body and be happy and healthy, then look like I’m sick and dying a slow painful death because you are not ‘thin enough’ to be so called “pretty” to impress someone who really isn’t worth impressing.

Over the years I have done burlesque, every-single-time I come off that stage after a performance, I will have women & men approach to me to tell me how inspired they are and how much more confident and empowered they are by seeing a real women with a real body and real curves perform something so sexy and feel so comfortable and confident in themselves that it inspires them that they can to feel that much more confident in themselves and accepting their unique curves and sexuality which brings out their own unique sexiness out!

Honestly, burlesque has helped me become more confident over the years with my body and emotions. I was a competitive dancer all my life with a rock hard body and I was at the thinnest part of my life, but I still was never ‘thin enough’ for my teachers which eventually gave me a “image perception problem” starting at the age of 15. But, when I matured, dropped out of dance and started to do burlesque, my life changed and so did my perception and acceptance of my body and what TRUE beauty of a real women is. What has helped me through out my burlesque years with my curves and body size and making me become even more proud of myself, are the gorgeous women and fans that I’ve inspire and influenced with my performing. That’s why I love doing burlesque! Those rewards are the ones you will always carry in your heart and mind forever!

4) What’s the rockabilly/psychobilly scene like up there?

Rockabilly & Psychobilly music scene in Canada I can honestly say I don’t know too much about. It’s a genre of music I don’t really listen to, but, don’t get me wrong, there are a few bands I enjoy listening to such as the Horrorpops, Necromantics and The Creepshow.

5) You’re a burlesque dancer, as well as a model. Do you feel like your fuller figure allows you to do things a thinner girl can’t?

I think full figured women look better in fashion! Especially lingerie, such as corsets, bras, panties, stockings, high heels, etc! Real women bust their cups and fill their panties and just ooze with sexuality. Men in my opinion love to look at more are voluptuous women that have real softness and textures to their body and make them crave and explore over every dangerous curve that lays a head. Nothing is more sexy then a deep-diving cleavage!

6) Do you see the scene opening up to more plus sized pin-ups? Or will it remain a niche within a niche?

Photograph by Hyde Imagery

Only time will tell, but burlesque has definitely become more mainstream than it used to be and has definitely grown in different sizes, shapes and colours since I started. It’s amazing how many women, no matter their size, curves, jiggles, and imperfections they have, they accept themselves for who they are and are comfortable with the curves they have! This has inspired so many women out there to love themselves and to be confident in what they got by showing everyone out there that women of curves are not afraid to show people what goods they got and how they are proud and embrace of themselves!

7) Describe a typical fan of Demonica de Morte?

A “typical” fan of Demonica de Morte…. hmmm…well, I must say I have many fans of different size, shape, interest, style and sex, but I would say they probably all recognize what true beauty and charisma is and that they enjoy watching a real women be sensual and sexy with a hint of mystery in her sways with total confidence.

8) Where do you see your career taking you next?

I can see myself doing burlesque, modeling and my accessories for many more years to come and hopefully it will continue until the day I die or until the day when I’m too crippled to twirl a tassel, wear stilettos without pain from bunions and wear a corset without breaking ALL my ribs. I will always love performing burlesque with every inch of curve on my body, but, I don’t really see my burlesque becoming a ‘career’. As I see it, if you want to become rich & famous, don’t become a burlesque dancer! I do burlesque for the love of the art & performance as well as being an inspirational role model for myself and others of all different sizes. If I can do that for the rest of my life, then I know I did my job right!

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