Punk Blues Review: Death or Glory

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Rock ‘n’ roll vixen turned pin-up model Jamie Bahr heads up a punkabilly outfit that can only be described as the Ramones meet Howlin’ Wolf. Steamy, sexy versions of classic like “I put a spell on you” and “Lil’ Red Ridin’ hood” will make you melt on the insides and tingle on the outsides. Backed by thundering guitar and thumping bass, this is one that will make you want to swing dance or mosh.

Death or Glory

I was amazed to learn that most of this group is actually from New York. Jamie sounds like the love child of Wanda Jackson and Lux Interior. The backing band has a really raw, swamp blues feel similar to the stuff “Jay” Miller produced only much, MUCH faster. Not bad for a bunch of Yankees really.

My favorite tune on this CD however is their version of “Sunday Morning Coming Down.” Paired down to guitar and vocals, they do Johnny Cash right by pumping out a really, mournful song that transcends just being a cover.


My second favorite would have to be their version of “Mystery Train.” It takes a real voice to take on Elvis. Jamie Bahr happens to have a voice that can handle the King, note for note. Sped up to 20 and made into heavy, hardcore, this one is great for the headbangers out there.

I’m told this group is on hiatus, which is really a shame. Because I would love to see this group evolve beyond covers and do something heavy and original. Still, as a stand alone album, it’s more than worth your time. They make rockabilly sexy and dangerous again, which is something we need more of.

Jamie and Blake rock out!

To learn more about PBR, check out Altercation Records!

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