Something Called Nothing!

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Something Called Nothing are a rock ‘n’ roll trio based in Austin, Texas. They play music with the raw urgency of punk but with the fury of early rockabilly! I got a chance to chat up lead singer/song writer Virginia Lopez about the band’s future!

Juan Fernandes, Robert Wills, Virginia Lopez

Tells us the history of the band?

I started Something Called Nothing back in 2001 in Brownsville TX with my brother who played bass. Throughout the years I had several setbacks, drummers coming in and out of the band and then my brother leaving as well. Robert Wills (drums) joined SCN in 2009 and Juan Fernandez (bass) joined late 09 as well.

You guys mix everything from punk, emo, blues, and rockabilly. Who are some of your influences from each genre?

We have many influences! The Ramones, Sex Pistols, Decedents, Face to Face, The Smiths, The Cure, Depetch Mode, GG Allen, UK Subs, Iggie Pop, Tom Waits, Stray Cats,Tiger Army, Bright Eyes, eels, Elvis, The Beatles and on and on.

How would you describe your sound to people who haven’t heard you before?

People always ask what we sound like, and that has been the hardest question for us to answer so far. People have put us in many genre’s, but we would say we are a bit of an old school rock-n-rollish band with a bit of a swing sound.

What’s it like operating in Austin, Texas?

For us it has always been fun operating in Austin Tx . It’s been challenging and at times crowded and not so easy to book shows, but when we get to the stage, we love it. We’ve have played in Corpus, Houston, San Antonio, Victoria and yet Austin is always the best.

Would you say there is a lot of scene “politics?”

As far as politics in the scene, yes; we do think that there are some politics in the Austin music scene. Sometimes it feels like it’s no longer about how good your music is, but about who you know.

Favorite places to gig out in town?

We especially like Headhunters because it’s more of a up close and personal show, and fans feel like they can get more involved with the music and the band.

Anything you’d like to add in closing?

Well we’d just like to remind people how important it is to support local music.

Check out Something Called Nothing on Myspace!

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