Mariachis del Infierno

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Mariachis Del Infierno is a South Texas based Psychobilly band with plans to invade the rest of the country. I caught up with the band’s front man “Dirty” Al for a quick chat.

Who makes up the band?

The band is currently made up of myself on vocals, Rockaway Rick on drums, Mack Black on Guitar and Joe Godfree on upright bass. We’re a four-piece psychobilly group out of south Texas. Rick and I live in San Antonio. Mack and Joe live down in Brownsville, TX.
How would you describe the group’s sound?

We simply describe it as, “Tex-Mex Psychobilly!” We have influences ranging from conjunto and tejano music, psychobilly to punk and rockabilly, “Tex-Mex” music and good ol’ rock and roll.

What do you guys think of the current state of the Psychobilly scene?

The current state of the Psychobilly scene is not as strong as it was about five years ago when there were numerous Euro-Psycho bands coming over to the USA. There is still a good following throughout the southwest, from California and Arizona through Texas. We would like to see more Psychobilly festivals going on here. We do see a lot more Psychobilly events going on in Europe than here.
How about the scene in Texas?

As for Texas, there are plenty of Psychobillys here, especially in South Texas, from San Antonio to the Rio Grande Valley. You are sure to see many psychos turn out at the Psychobilly shows that do go on down here.
Do you think being in Texas has influenced your sound?

Being born and raised in Texas has certainly influenced our sound. Growing up listening to Conjunto and Tejano music, plus Tex-Mex music like Texas Tornados, amongst other bands has played a big part in influencing our sound. You can hear the it come through in plenty of our tunes which really get you moving.
There’s a lot of psychobilly bands sporting a metal influence these days. How do you feel about that?

I think it’s good to have a variety of different psycho sounds. Psychobilly has a wide array of styles, from rockabilly sounding to metal sounding. My preference is to listen to more “billy-style” psycho music, but I can definitely get into some of the psycho bands that have a metal influence.

What’s some of your favorite old school punk rock bands?

Aw man, let’s see. There’s Rancid, Ramones, Bouncing Souls, Clash. There’s just too many to name. I dig a lot of old school punk, but I still listen to a lot of old school psycho from the Meteors, Torment, Frenzy, Frantic Flintstones. My favorite psycho band to this day is Godless Wicked Creeps, R.I. P.
Any upcoming shows or projects we should be aware of?

We have a few shows lined up for September and October. We’re playing in San Antonio on September 4th at the Mine Shaft Saloon and Sept 24th at Thirsty’s. In October, we will be hitting the road to do a mini-tour which includes Phoenix, AZ and Los Angeles, CA. We’re stoked about the mini-tour. When we get back from the road, we’re going to finish up some new material and eventually get back in the studio.

Any last words?

Thanks for having us! Hope to see you at one our shows soon!!

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