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Genre nuts and comic fans have always been treated to their fair share of offbeat characters. Tim Seeley’s creation Cassie Hack is no exception. This horror punk comic takes all the genre conventions and tosses them in a blender. If you haven’t read it yet, here is your chance to see what is what!

First off, tell who you are and what you do?

I’m Tim Seeley, comic book artist, writer, and all around nerd. I live in Chicago, and I guess I’m best known as the guy who created the comic book HACK/SLASH.

Now tell us about your professional history?

I graduated with a degree in Illustration, so I put that to use working for a kid’s book company. At the same time I was working on some various comic book stuff mostly involving blood and boobies. I got hired by Devils’ Due Publishing and worked on comics like KORE, Lovebunny and Mr. Hell, and G.I.Joe. I also have drawn for HALLOWEEN, Dungeons and Dragons, Exiles, Wolverine, WIldcats and Ant-Man.

Now, you’re probably best known as the writer/creator of Hack/Slash. Tell us about that?

Back in 2004, I decided I wanted to write something instead of just draw comics. So, in a fever fueled moment of inspiration, I came up with a comic book about a slasher movie survivor who lived in a B-movie world, and hunted down killers with her monstrous friend. I managed to get the president of DDP, my friend Josh, to publish it, and the rest is history.

You’ve recently moved from Devil’s Due to Image. How has that gone over with the fans?

Really well actually. I think being at Image has allowed us to be available in more comic shops, so I think we’ve found a bigger audience.

You’ve rebooted with a new issue one right?

Yeah, although I think “reboot” has a tendency to have the connotation that we’re ignoring what’s come before in favor of having a clean slate. But we’re not..we’re just telling a story set in the past that offers a really easy starting point for new readers.

Here at Rockabilly Online, a lot of us are fans of neo-pinup. Of course of the biggest websites for that is Suicide Girls. Cassie Hack actually got to be a suicide girl, even though she’s a fictional character. What’s the deal there?

I had been a member of the site fro years..I’m a huge fan of girls who have tattoos and get naked…and it seemed to me that a lot o people who were members probably like the same kid of things I did; comics, horror, hot girls, etc. SO, we flew out to LA, and met with the SG boss ladies to set up a crossover. They let us use the girls and the logo, and we did a Cassie set for the site. IT was fun. Kinda sexy too.

What can we expect from future issues of Hack/Slash?

Once we finish of the current miniseries, MY FIRST MANIAC, we’re doing an annual called MURDER MESSIAH, which will bridge the gap between the DDP series and the new Image series that we’ll get started sometime in 2011.

Now word on the street is that you’ve got a new series from Dark Horse coming out. What’s that called and what’s it about?

It’s called the OCCULTIST and it’s sort of a spin in the magical superhero type character. Kind of ShadownRun-street-shaman-cyber-wizards meets Spider-Man.

Plus, a werewolf comic? We love werewolves, so tell us about that?

Well, that’s a project I’m still getting off the ground called WILD GAME which is about werewolves who maintain “game farm.” Their prey are a group of kidnapped “undesirables”…homeless people. runaways, people that the werewolves feel won;t be missed…and they have to work together to escape the pack.

All this and you’re also an artist. What’s going on with that end of things?

I draw for a variety of comic companies. RIght now i’m working on ANT-MAN & THE WASP for Marvel Comics.

More on Hack/Slash check out the Image Comics website.

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