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Digging through the horrors of facebook, I found another lovely, lowbrow, comic book for ya’ll to enjoy! This one comes from the great,white, north. But it’s influences are all south of the border! To this end, we sat down with the man behind the mask, Evan Quiring!

Tell us about yourself and your comic book?

I was born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Primarily a self-taught artist.

When I was eighteen, I dropped out of the local community college advertising art course to build a career drawing comics books and form a punk rock band. The years following, I got freelance gigs drawing posters for various local live-music venues and storyboards for local film productions. In 2001, I attended my first San Diego Comic Con. From there, I got my first job pencilling a comic book called Mortal Coils for Red Eye Press.

I’m a huge fan of B-Horror Movies as well as lucha libre, so I decided I wanted to write and draw a book that contained those genres. So in 2002, I wrote and drew an entire issue of Los Luchadores Mysteriosos and made plans to publish the book independently. Unfortunately, those plans fell through and the project was shelved.

In 2009, I resurrected the book and made a few changes. After a slight rewrite, I redrew the entire book and enlisted the help of Victoria Free to handle the coloring. January of 2010, I pitched the series to Ronin Studios and thankfully, they decided to publish it.

To me, Los Luchadores Mysteriosos is like an El Santo film directed by Ed Wood.

The series is set in 1964, San Diego. The main character is Rey Diablo. In the ring he plays a “Rudo” or “Bad Guy Wrestler” but in real life, he’s a true hero. The series kicks off with a U.F.O. being shot down by the U.S. Government . Unfortunately the U.F.O. also happens to explode over an outdoor arena during a live wrestling event. Some of the luchadores (and people in the crowd) get hit by the ship’s fallout and later discover they possess uncanny, super human powers.

What sort of masked, wrestling craziness can we expect?

Well issue two has Los Luchadores Mysteriosos being targeted by a serial killer who keeps lucha masks as personal trophies. Some of the luchadores introduced in the first issue won’t make it out alive in this one. It also features a cameo by a real life masked wrestler, Super Tramp. Tramp was around in the seventies and eighties and even tagged with Andre the Giant on a few occasions.

Issue three has the luchadores up against some Satanic Sea Monkeys (yes, you read that right). Future issues involve the return of the Halloween Queen (shown briefly in issue #1), and some of the luchadores turning to crime and forming “Los Rengados Mysteriosos”. Rockdora will eventually be coming back as well, to extract her revenge. There will be subplots throughout the series of the luchadores learning to deal with their newly discovered powers and readers will gradually learn the true origin of Rey Diablo.

Now luchador films were really big back in the day. Is it safe to assume you’re a fan?

Oh yeah! I try and buy some DVDs of old lucha films every few months or so.

And if so, what are your favorites?

I really enjoy “El Triunfo de los Campeones Justicieros”, “El Castillo de las Momias de Guanajuato”, “Misterio en las Bermudas” and “Blue Demon vs. Las Invasoras’

Basically, any lucha film that has Blue Demon in it. Personally, I’ve always liked Demon more than Santo and truth be told, Rey Diablo is my homage to Blue Demon

What about vintage comic books?

Unfortunately, I have yet to obtain any vintage luchador comics. I do have a few other vintage comics, however. I have a Pep Comics from 1956. I also have a few old Amazing Spider-Mans -like ASM #46, the first appearance of the Shocker and ASM #78, the first appearance of the Prowler. Oh yeah, I also have Hulk #180. Sure, it’s in poor condition and beaten all to hell, but I don’t care – I got it for free and it’s mine!

Do you enjoy modern wrestling?

Oh hell yeah! I watch Raw and Smackdown pretty much on a weekly basis. I’d like to watch more of TNA but I’m never home when it’s on. Chris Jericho is my favorite wrestler and not just because he’s from Winnipeg, but I just find him really funny and entertaining. That and he also works a really good match. I also really like The Miz, Edge, Rob Van Dam, Randy Orton and of course, Rey Mysterio. I read online that Dos Caras will be on WWE tv soon. However, that’s just what I’ve read off the internet, so take that for what it’s worth, I suppose.

It would be great if my local cable provider could get CMLL so I can watch genuine lucha libre on a regular basis.

Rumor on the street is that you’re a big surf music fan. What’s the low down on that?

Yeth. In fact I’m such a fan of surf music that I formed my own surf band, The Rockdoras, in 2003. I was originally the bass player but due to recent line-up changes I’m now the guitar player. I think my fondness for the genre started in 1987 when I watched “La Bamba” and “Sleepwalk” was played throughout the film. So since then I just really liked instrumental music from the late fifties/ early sixties. Plus watching the old Spider-Man cartoon from the late sixties had a fair amount of surf type guitar music in it, so that grew on me as well. Then some flick called “Pulp Fiction” came along…

Are you a fan of rockabilly or psychobilly?

Yes I am! I listen to Link Wray’s music minimum, once a day. It drives me mental that the man who invented the power chord still hasn’t been inducted into the Rock n’ Roll HAll of Fame – but Steely Dan has!! Now, I have nothing against “The Dan” but I mean, COME ON! It’s criminal and it’s a damn shame! Anyway… where was I? Oh yeah! I Love. love, love the Cramps! (R.I.P. Lux) I managed to see them in Minneapolis back in ’04. Love the Legendary Shack Shakers – I think they put on one of the best live shows I’ve ever seen. I saw Cadillac Bill & The Creeping Bent back in ’98, they were really good. My band, the Rockdoras, opened for Southern Culture on the Skids back in ’04. I love S.C.O.T.S.! The Rockdoras also opened for Big John Bates & The Voodoo Dolls, twice. Big John Bates puts on a really fun show too

You live in Canada. Anything you can tell us about the scene there?

There’s actually a lot of comic book professionals living here in Winnipeg but there’s not really any kind of “scene” or collective studios at the moment. Probably because we’re too busy working on books or whathaveyou

The Central Canada Comic Con is held at the Winnipeg Convention Centre and that’s a lotta fun, especially as it gets bigger and better every year. Victoria and I will be at our table this year, pimpin’ the books. We had a booth at the Calgary Expo in April of this year and that was a lot of fun. I’d like to check out the Fan Expo in Toronto eventually.

As for rockabilly stuff, there’s this local band called The F-Holes -they’re pretty good. I really don’t go out to shows as much as I used to. What I can tell you is that Montreal is the rockabilly capital of Canada. (It’s also the porn capital, but that’s for another interview)

What about the market for indie comics. Any better in the great white north?

From what I’ve experienced so far, not especially.

It’s been a slow but gradual pace for Los Luchadores Mysteriosos but it does seem to be gaining fans more and more every month. There seems to be more interest in the book from the US than in Canada, to be honest. One store in particular, Galactic Comics, is located in San Diego and has been selling copies of Los Luchadores Mysteriosos on a consistent basis

You draw some wonderfully curvy ladies. Do I notice a pin-up influence to your art?

Well, thank you! Yes, your observations are correct! I’ve been a fan of pin-up art since I was a teenager, especially Gil Elvgren’s work.

Your art really has that low-brown flair. How did your style evolve into it’s current state?

Pretty much just trying to emulate artists that I admire- Back in 1989, when I decided I wanted to be a comic book artist, I was trying to draw like Art Adams and Todd McFarlane. Then around 1999/ 2000 I really started trying to draw like Adam Hughes, then a few years later I was trying to make my work look like Terry & Rachel Dodson. Then I was trying to draw like Frank Cho

Then I started throwing in a few things that I did back when I was trying to draw like Art Adams and Todd McFarlane. Finally, I just kinda gave up trying to draw exactly like all those other artists and just used what I had learned from studying them to make a style all my own. I’m not sure if I’m completely there yet but nonetheless, I’m finally working in a style I’m content with.

Any future projects we should know about?

Well, I have about twenty issues of Los Luchadores Mysteriosos planned out and I’d really like to get to finish those. I’m also drawing a short story for my wife, Jamie’s horror anthology comic – Night Terrors. I’ve been toying with the idea of revamping and bringing back Midnight Comics. I kinda miss writing and drawing eerie, film noir-ish crime stories, which is what Midnight Comics is – like a modern day pulp story. We’ll see how people like Los Luchadores Mysteriosos first and then go from there.

For more masked insanity check out his site!

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