Dean Wilson of the Phantom Creeps!

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Here at “rockabilly online” we loves ourselves some creepy music. But it has to be more than some rag played on a pipe organ. It has to be real hep and heavy too! So look no further than the PHANTOM CREEPS!!

Who are you and what do you do?

-I’m Dean Wilson, and I play drums for The Phantom Creeps.

Tell us about the Phantom Creeps?

The Phantom Creeps started as a “traditional” Pyschobilly band, but has since morphed into something a little differnet. We have been fusing a little old-school country and classic rock into the sound lately.

What makes up the band’s sound?

Our tour van only has a cassette player, so alot of our new stuff is influenced by old time country and classic rock. Think Johnny Cash and Waylon Jennings meets Thin Lizzy and Alice Cooper!

Who all is in the band?
-Tyler “Diablo” Brownfield
Jonny “Millions” Vornbrock
“Dirti” Dean Wilson

The bands name is based on an old horror film. What are your favorites?

Aside from the Phantom Creeps, I love Dracula and Frankenstein more than any other, Classic! I also like alot of the Grindhouse stuff.

Why do you think horrorpunk and psychobilly are so popular these days?

I think it’s a nice combination of kick-ass high energy tunes, combined with theatrics and fun. All the things that are missing in popular music today. The style and fashion of it all is timeless.

Do you like traditional rockabilly and if so what acts do you enjoy?

We love traditional Rockabilly! It always starts with Elvis for me. I really enjoy Bloodshot Bill and Ronnie Hayward (who hangs out around here sometimes). I hear they are playing together in Montreal right now!

Craziest thing that has ever happened while playing?

We’ve been flashed a few times from a few lovely kittens, as well as some bloddy noses in the pit..

What’s next for the band?

We have a bunch of shows to end off the summer, then we will be recording our 2nd album early in the fall. Keep an eye on our site for updates.

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