The Black Scorpion!

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Essentially a “south of the border” version of Them, The Black Scorpion doesn’t hold much surprise for monster fans. An entertaining enough atomic age horror show to be sure, but nothing new if you’re a hardcore fan of these kinds of movies.

The story involves an American geologist (Richard Denning) and his Mexican counterpart (Carlos Rivas) investigating a new volcano that has formed. Along the way, they pick up the help of very hourglassy rancher (Playboy Playmate). This being a monster movie of course means that the volcano has released prehistoric scorpions, and soon the rampaging starts!

What lovely rampages they are too! We’re treated to scorpions attacking cowboys, scorpions attacking soldiers, even scorpions attacking trains. If you’re a monster fan like me, this is going to hit all of those happy buttons.

What’s interesting about this movie is its pedigree. The effects were overseen by Willis O’ Brien and animation by Pete Peterson (Mighty Joe Young). O’ Brien was the genius behind the stop motion effects in the original King Kong, so it’s no wonder that the oversized scorpions here are really effective.

While I might sound like I’m being dismissive of this movie, I assure you I’m not. I actually quite like The Black Scorpion. Although it doesn’t hit the creative heights of the Ray Harryhausen movies or the stuff Toho did with giant monsters. It’s still an extremely entertaining piece of pulp cinema. As long as you’re okay with that, I’d say give it a whirl.

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