The Stoned Crows

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New young London Band in town playing, 60s Rhythm & Blues. Keaton Smout from The Stoned Crows tells us about his band.

Tell us about your band.

The Stoned Crows are a 1960s inspired rhythm and blues band with a modern edge. Three of the four members are from the South of England and the other moved to London from Normandy. Keaton Smout (frontman and lead guitarist), Enguerrand Cleron (guitarist), Harry Chard (bassist), and Keane Slade (drummer).

How did you come up with your band name?

When we were 15 years old we recorded in Memphis at The Legendary Sun Studios, we had the music but were in need of a cool name. We felt it had an edge to it and used it the next night when we played the Hard Rock Cafe on Beale Street.

How and when did you start?

The first time I visited Memphis and The Legendary Sun Studios, I was inspired by the amazing history of the studio, its artists and its contribution to music. I came away from Memphis listening to Johnny Cash, Elvis, and Jerry Lee Lewis (just to name a few) and started learning all these cool rockabilly riffs and licks. I

I decided to start a rockabilly band and managed to find a drummer, Keane Slade who loved the style, persuaded my friend, Harry Chard, to pick up the bass, and more recently introduced Enguerrand Cleron on rhythm guitar who has brought melodic tones to our otherwise heavy sound.

Describe your music style?

I always find it difficult to describe what we do, it sounds cliché but we set out to do something unique and we feel we do just that. If you love powerful, exciting, yet melodic rhythm and blues and rock n roll, The Stoned Crows have a lot to offer you.

What’s your earliest music inspiration?
My first trip to Sun Studios when I was about 13 inspired me to start playing 1950s rockabilly and rock n roll, but the 1960s became my favourite era of music. The Doors and The Rolling Stones had the biggest impact on my playing style. Jim Morrison inspired me to sing the way I do, but guitarists such as Scotty Moore, BB King, and Brian Setzer have had a huge impact on my guitar playing style.

Do you write your own songs?

Since the band first started we have always wanted to develop a unique sound. Madman and Nothing’s Gonna Change have had a great response online and we like to think that’s down to sounding different.Usually we jam with a riff or rhythm that one of us came up with and sometimes I improvise a line that works and we base the song around that. Some inspiration is drawn from reality but we’re no strangers to total fantasy.

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