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Who the heck are you clowns?

I’m guitarist Matt J. Britton, and along with my pals Mark, Rich and Bobby, we are So-Cal Rocket Dynamics.  We’re kind of a rockabilly/punkabilly band from North Hollywood, California.  We just released our third indie album, Antisocialite.

Tell us about your approach to writing a rockabilly song. 

Our band has two songwriters – me, and our upright bassist Bobby Coddington.  Bobby’s a very prolific songwriter and his lyrics tend to be thinly-veiled retellings of dramatic snippets of his real life.  Conversely, I like to create little fictional stories with my songs.  They’re like little movies running in my head which come to life as lyrics and melodies.  Where we tend to align is on the kind of high-concept subject matter.  We both write a lot of stuff that’s infused with hot rod kulture, science fiction space opera, and wild west gunslinger melodrama.


 What’s your band’s sound about? 

The guitar dripping with reverb and the triplet-based swing bass lines definitely ground us in rockabilly.  But we add enough speed, distortion, thunderous drums and attitude to hold our own at any punk show.  Some people call it neo-rockabilly, punkabilly or cowpunk.  We just think it’s rock n’ roll.  That’s all the label we need.


Who are the artists which influenced your new record? 

Our influences progressed over time, and hopefully we’ve stretched the limits of those conventions further with each album.  As a guitar player, Link Wray and Brian Setzer always feel close at hand in our stuff, but for the latest record, Antisocialite, I was listening to The Cramps, Dex Romweber and Jack White, just looking for new inspiration and new challenges.  Oddly, one of the influences we cite most often is is a 1959 Marty Robbins album entitled Gunfighter Ballads and Trail Songs.  It has a certain, “he died with his boots on” dramatic flair that we appreciate as songwriters.

What’s it like recording an indie album these days? 

Our recording process really evolved or at least changed over the course of the band’s three albums.  The second album in particular was very well-rehearsed.  We’d played all those songs together for weeks or months and a bunch of them were already part of our live set.  Antisocialite was the opposite approach.  We’d complete a demo and then go record that song without ever actually playing it as a group.  This gave our Producer Matt Thorne (aka The Fifth Rocket) a much bigger influence on the record.  He’s a really creative and collaborative guy, so on Antisocialite we were trying to give him a lot of opportunity to push us in new sonic directions.

When we can expect the next release from you?

We’ll have a single-sized four song EP on colored vinyl ready shortly.  Antisocialite was a very big, multi-layered studio creation.  We’re talking about going the other way next time – unplugged and live-to-tape with little or no overdubbing next time.  We live right near the Capitol records building, and the rates on the smaller rooms there are surprisingly affordable…

Where can people hear this new album you won’t shut up about?

Antisocialite is available in all the usual places including Amazon, iTunes, Spotify and YouTube.  Here are links to the album’s first three videos.

Just Like Evel Knievel

They Have It Coming

Rocket Girl

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