Koffin Kats- Born of the Motor

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Here it is! The latest album from Detroit’s Koffin Kats and what can I say? It fucking kicks so much ass it’s insane! Which is how it should be for a psychobilly band! The rhythm section is incredibly and absolutely solid, the guitar riffs are catchy as all hell and have the right amount of metal influence, and the over the top dramatic style of singing all of it creates the dark and twisted environment in which these songs live. It has to be mentioned, Vic’s voice is pitch perfect for this creepy style of music, it’s a dark opera of real life horror. Born of the Motor will definitely take you on a fucking ride starting from the first note of “All of Me is Gone”. “Lighting has struck once again”. Holy shit, no kidding! I can’t help but play air drums and sing along to this baby! And I am by no means, ashamed to admit it! This is what I wish every single album I listened to made me do. Why can’t they all be this good? And so on it goes with the next song “Under a Blue Sky”. “Giving Blood” is damn creepy in the best of ways and it’s impossible to not tap your toes at least. At least! Same with “Devil Tales” and you got to love the guitar on this one! So many awesome songs on this one including “The Team” which starts as a 50s style ballad and soon intertwines with Koffin Kats brand of epic punkabilly. It’s done so seamlessly and works so damn well. “Twist Apart” is so damn catchy and you can feel the music circling around you. The ground spins as the singing and music do. It just moves and feels so damn alive for a song about death. “Round and round you wanna go”. “Goodbye Blues” starts slow but ends with a bang! And yes, once again the drums provide a solid heartbeat. The guitar riffs have a nice hint of metal but not too much. Really words do it no justice, you have to take a listen to this work yourself.
It’s good to the last note ending with “Gone To See The World” which is a sweet Hawaiian influenced ode to the open road, to seeing the world. Something this hard working band has experience in to be sure. I must add that I think it’s brilliant that they explore the horror of real life and inject that aspect into most of their songs. It would be incredible with there were more bands like this one. I can only hope the Koffin Kats will be here with us to blow our minds for a while longer.

Koffin Kats-Born of the Motor

Koffin Kats-Born of the Motor

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