The Brains- Monster Within

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Ladies and ghouls, are you ready for the new Brains album? You better be because here it is! Loud, fast and sweating blood from every pore these Montreal psychos are back with a vengeance. Among the songs that especially stand out to me are “Misery” which has nice and chunky rockabilly guitar riffs with the power of a lawnmower complete with a tighter than tight rhythm section composed of Pat Kadaver’s consistent drumbeats and Colin the Dead’s clacking stand up bass. And the icing on the cake is Rene De La Muerte’s haunting crooning and a chorus you’ll want to sing along to immediately. “The Damned” is amazing too with its musical changes throughout the song including parts where the guitar starts and stops in a brusque manner. As can be witnessed in this album, variety is definitely the spice of life. “Bleed” has some lovely upright bass work in its middle which shows off what the instrument can do with plenty of panache. “Electrik Shock” is insanely catchy and once again, you’ll find yourself tapping your toes and singing along even if you don’t know the lyrics yet. “Rest in Pieces” can only be described as epic psychobilly, images of classic horror movies like those pictured on the cover will flood your brain. “Cucaracha in Leather” is an amazingly well done instrumental interlude which to me is reminiscent of Rev. Horton Heat. You better believe that’s a compliment! “Devil in Disguise” and “Lies” will also have you shouting along with the chorus and shaking your culo if you happen to have a pulse.”Rolling Down” is love at first note, a song about the joys of the open road that instantly transmits that joy through music and lyrics. I must add though that I miss the songs in Spanish and French which also added something different to the mix. C’est la vie. But this is truly a solid work of horror punkabilly madness that is worth every cent in your moth bitten pocket. The blend of punk rock, rockabilly, surf, latin, and whatever the hell else they’re throwing in there is refreshing from the get go and will hold your attention till the last note is played. The absolutely gorgeous album artwork has to be commented on as well. It works perfectly with the music contained within the CD. Of course, you will always win me over with old school tattoo flash inspired art and a cover that looks like a classic horror flick poster complete with a tattooed babe in a red 50s style bathing suit. Perfect! Don’t wait another second and get yours today!

the brains- the monster within album cover

The Brains-The Monster Within

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