The Lost Continent!

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Hammer’s “The Lost Continent” is basically the story of a group of conflicted assholes as they slowly grow some ethics. They do so while marooned on a lost island infested with man-eating sea weed, giant bugs, and the descendants of Spanish conquistadores. The strain of anti-heroism running through the whole movie is what makes it stand out from the rest of Hammer’s genre catalogue.

Michael Carreras’s film is based on the Dennis Wheatley novel “Uncharted Sea.” Its episodic nature really makes it’s origins as pulp fiction show. The movie takes a good half hour before we’re even on the “lost continent” of the title. Before that we’re treated to hurricanes, mutiny, and shark attacks. While all this is entertaining enough, I think this is one flick that would have benefited from a little extra running time.

There’s also little in the way of likable characters here. Everyone is shady and living well within the shades of grey. While it makes for interesting character arcs with most of the cast. Some of their 8th hour heroic turns seem a little forced.

I can’t deny that this is a movie I find really disappointing. The focus on inter-character drama would have been fine is it was pulled off better. And there isn’t enough of the sci-fi stuff to satisfy the nerd in me. I love Hammer movies, but this one is really down on the pecking order. Don’t view this unless you have a lot of extra time on your hands.

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