Jerms Warfare: Interview with Jeremie Fletcher!

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Jeremie Fletcher aka Jerms Warfare is talented rockabilly and punk guitarist.  Pulling double duty with Austin “Alternabilly” girl group Danger*Cakes and horror-punk outfit A Corpse Vanishes.   Take a moment or two to get to know her better right now!





Tell us how you got into playing guitar?


Jerms playing the 2011 Freakshow Festival in Austin Texas!

Jerms playing the 2011 Freakshow Festival in Austin Texas!

It’s a long story, but since a young age I have been drawn to music. My dad played in a cover band in high school and his 20s and I grew up with an assorted variety of tunes being played around the house. I acquired a couple of tapes and rocked out to them on my boombox before school every day. My favorites were the Mamas and the Papas, Jimmy Hendrix and Aerosmith. In 6th grade, I convinced my parents to get me my first CD which was Green Day’s “Dookie.” Though I was very young, I remember feeling like it changed my life. From there I became heavily immersed with rock and then punk and ska. I was extremely influenced by other female musicians in bands such as No Doubt, Tsunami Bomb, The Lunachicks, Luckie Strike and Joan Jett & The Heartbreakers and began using my musical ear to emulate their vocals. After years of bouncing around my room and singing to the mirror, I decided it was time to learn my favorite songs. I started by taking some classical acoustic guitar lessons to pick up a solid base but was not fully satisfied. What I really wanted to play was an extremely loud electric guitar. At age 17, after months of begging my parents, I owned my first Epiphone guitar. I searched through tabs online, got the hang of song structure and figured out I could pick out most songs and melodies that I heard. I still refuse to look up tabs online and enjoy the challenge of figuring out songs and notes.


How did you become involved with the Austin music scene?
I actually became involved randomly and did not expect to ever play on stage. I always sing in the car and enjoy the rush of harmonizing and belting out vocals. I am one of those people who you can drive by on the highway and watch perform. After having a couple cocktails one night, and definitely singing too loud for my tiny apartment complex, I checked out some backup vocal ads on Craigslist. I responded to an ad posted by The Beat Dolls and was invited to try out. During the initial practice I picked up a guitar that was lying around and figured out the songs we had been playing. The band said the current guitarist was not really into the project anymore so I was asked to fill the spot for the ax and backups. The drummer, Ian E., and myself later left the project after about a year and started A Corpse Vanishes. Through playing shows with ACV, I met Drew Edwards of Halloween Man Productions who introduced me to Jamie Bahr and the Danger*Cakes.

Austin is very famous for its music. How would you describe the Austin scene versus other parts of the USA?
There are so many different scenes and crews around town it is almost impossible to support all of my friend’s bands all of the time. I love that there is an assortment of live music on any given night of the week and you can stumble upon something you would have never expected. The people in other places of the country that I talk to seem to have this idyllic assumption of the Austin mecca. I have traveled around with both bands and the places we have been never appear to have the kind of city solidarity and statement similar to Austin. People we talk to are amazed that we live here and always tell us they want to either visit or move to the city.

Would you say it’s tougher for women to play in rock music?




Yes and no. It sometimes seems to take twice as much energy to convince some people to take you seriously but it’s the ones who doubt that give you twice as much respect when you rock out and shake their expectations.

Do you think you’re a positive role model to possibly get more women to pick up guitar?

Yes, I really do. I have always played for myself but another reason I do is to inspire other girls and women. It is so amazing to get off stage and the biggest fans are other ladies who say they want to do the same thing and you hope it will encourage them. It would be the greatest feeling in the world to have someone come up to me one day and say that I helped inspire them to grab a guitar and rock it.

How would you describe your playing style?

It is kind of hard to pinpoint but I always try to incorporate a bunch of different styles in each song and feel that is noticeable when listening to both of my bands. There are a wide range of basic genres I try to pull from such as punk, ska, surf, rockabilly and a smidge of some metal.

You play in two bands currently. Danger*Cakes and A Corpse Vanishes. How do you adapt your playing to suit both bands?


Jerms with A Corpse Vanishes!

Jerms with A Corpse Vanishes!


I try to write guitar parts which suit the song themes from each band. A Corpse Vanishes exposed me to playing with harder distortion and keeping time with extremely fast beats. I really like incorporating super fast punk rock chords with surfy style reverb fills. We all trade off singing horrific and darker lyrics atop backup vocal shrieks and gutteral growls and harmonies.

It has been a really great time playing with Danger*Cakes because I use a softer and cleaner method of playing but the songs are still powerful and dynamic. I still throw in my punk and surfy reverb guitar styling but have adapted to playing overlying rockabilly mixed with more subtle blues and swing parts to fit the other instruments. It is more of a fun challenge working with the horns which is something I had never done prior to playing with the band.

Danger*Cakes just put out it’s first album. It was recorded live at Roadhouse Rags. Was it a stylistic choice to go with a live album, for a rawer sound or was there another reason?


After releasing the demo, “Just a Taste” we were told that our live performances superseded the recording so we decided to try something a little different than a standard studio. We were asked to play a benefit show at Roadhouse Rags and talked with the owner who informed us they also did live recordings for bands. We set up a second show there and played for the live full-length album, “Dessert First.”

What can we expect down the pipeline from you?



Many more songs! Both Danger*Cakes and A Corpse Vanishes have been writing new material and I am very excited to hear them finished. I am also in the process of writing songs for an acoustic EP and will have friends from local bands filling in with different instruments.

Anything you’d like to add?

Keep your ears perked and waiting to hear the new recently recorded Danger*Cakes songs. We are making a music video with one of them and can check it out soon!

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