The Fiendish Curves of Amy Villainous!

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Amy Villainsous is a buxom slice of rock ‘n’ roll cheesecake!  A full-figured fox who knows how to flaunt it!  I was very happy that she took some time out to answer my questions and let ya’ll get to know her better!




First off, tell us a little about yourself?

Hmm…well, I am a silly, nerdy, curvy girl who likes to draw/paint other curvy ladies, play video games, go to karaoke bars, play with makeup, and get dressed up for photo shoots. I am also a big animal rights advocate, japanophile, and music hoarder. Recently, I’ve started getting into cosplay and going to cons.



How did you get into modeling and being a make-up artist?

It’s sort of a long story, but I will try to keep it short and sweet. I had plans to go to art college after high school, but decided not to when I saw how much tuition cost for an art degree


I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do at the time, but I had an epiphany about becoming a makeup artist. I enrolled into beauty school, landed a job as a MUA at a local modeling school in Memphis, TN, and was able to build a portfolio by networking with photographers that the modeling school introduced me to. After  that I moved around the country a bit doing makeup for many different projects. I also worked for quite a few different makeup counters over the years.


The modeling started as an experiment I wanted to pursue after working behind the scenes for so long. Luckily, I had become friends with many photographers who were willing to take photos of me and things kept rolling from there.
I’ve always considered makeup as my main focus with the modeling being like a side project, but these days my modeling seems to be gaining in popularity so I have been focusing on it more.


You’re also a go-go dancer, tell us how you got into that?




I actually don’t go-go dance anymore. I injured my shoulder pretty badly about two years ago and am still trying to recover. I also got tired of all the drama that kept coming up between local troupes and decided to step away. I still love to dance, but it is more of a weekend hobby these days.

As far as me getting into it I simply decided one day that I loved dancing and costuming so much that I wanted to create my own go-go troupe with people who shared my passion. Because I know a lot of creative people in Seattle who are also involved with many events around town it was easy to get gigs.

You’re one of few full-figured pin-ups on the scene. Do you feel that makes you stand out?

I feel like there are many full-figured pin-ups out there, but it has only been very recently that they are starting to gain popularity on a more mainstream level. While I do feel like being a larger model definitely helps me stand out, there is still a lot of work to be done when it comes to attaining more of a positive attitude towards larger women in general. I’m talking about regard to size acceptance in fashion, beauty, and mainstream media. If I can be positive role-model for women dealing with poor body image and give them the courage to realize that they are beautiful then that is worth every photo shoot I have ever done.

Who are some of your favorite curvy and busty models?




Some of my personal favorites are Dors Feline (before her breast reduction), Christina Hendricks, Ivy Doomkitty, and London Andrews.

It is also clear you’re a rocker. What music are you currently listening too?



I’ve been listening to a little bit of everything, but you can always find Type O Negative, Dream Theater, Leaves’ Eyes, Danzig, Iron Maiden, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Vast, Tenacious D, and the Horrorpops on my playlist! I could list more, but I don’t want to keep you here all day!

Any new projects we should keep an eye out for?

Currently, I have a few big things in the works that I have been dedicating a lot of time to. I publish a pin-up BBW magazine called La Voluptueuse that features nude photos from some of my own shoots as well as other models I work with. We should be releasing our second issue in the next month or so. The first issue can be found here:

The next big project I have in the works is a website I am building called This website will feature curvy and alternative models and interviews with BBW artists, designers, and musicians.  It will be a place for fans to keep up with the on-goings of their favorite models and to connect with other people who are curve enthusiasts. I am building the website from the ground up and conducting all the interviews myself so I am not sure on an exact launch date at this time!


If you want to see more of Amy, check her out on Facebook!




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