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swingingBack in business as well are the SWINGIN’ UTTERS from California/ USA. The west coast punkrock legend with frontman Johnny Bonnel are presenting their new record “Poorly Formed” which sounds quite grown-up, but then again, the band has been around forever.

After over 20 years as a band, including an eight year break from recording, the SWINGIN’ UTTERS return with their most polished record to date. SWINGIN’ UTTERS have become more of a punk institution than a band. As their style has shifted from classic punk to a more roots rock-oriented sound, their albums have felt increasingly like visits from old, dear friends, showing up every once in a while a little older and more comfortable with who they are, but at their core, they’re still the same bunch of guys you’ve known all along. This sentiment continues to ring true on their latest album,“Poorly Formed“. The album paints a picture of a band that’s older and wiser, delivering sage advice from the punk trenches to a younger generation that’s still trying to find their way in this world. It is the most mature-sounding record the band has released to date.

Forming in the late 80’s in California, SWINGIN’ UTTERS have been stalwarts of the punk scene and sound for many years. The SWINGIN’ UTTERS have been described as Street Punk/Folk/Oi/Hot-rod-cow-punk. With a little twang and a lot of attitude, this band has moved from sounding like they belong in the punk scene of the 1970s to a more contemporary and melodic outfit. Signing to Fat Wreck Chords in their early years, the band has been somewhat dormant for the last years. “Poorly Formed” will be co-released by People Like You Records in Europe.

04/07/2013 SWINGIN’ UTTERS: AJZ Bahndamm Wermelskirchen, Germany
05/07/2013 SWINGIN’ UTTERS: Stadtfest Führt, Germany
06/07/2013 SWINGIN’ UTTERS: t.b.a. Timelkam, Austria
07/07/2013 SWINGIN’ UTTERS: Sjock Rock Gierle, Belgium
11/07/2013 SWINGIN’ UTTERS: Punk Rock Holiday Tolmin, Slovenia
19/07/2013 SWINGIN’ UTTERS: Back To Future Festival Glaubitz, Germany
20/07/2013 SWINGIN’ UTTERS: Mighty Sounds Festival Tabor, Czech Republic

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