Demented Are Go – Welcome Back To Insanity Hall

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Demented Are Go, one of the first psychobilly bands, are back! Where you ask? Right back to Insanity Hall!

The Welsh psychobilly band, formed around 1982, are back in 2012 for their new album full with sick psychobilly and dirty rock and roll. When I was asked to review this album, I said that I already had it pre-ordered in march, so i already listened to it. Of course I ordered the vinyl, available in black, purple and nuclear green. Since its more their style i ordered the nuclear green one! And i also got a CD and a limited edition LP sleeve with the band on it! A short summary of some of the songs:

The intro takes you to insanity hall, and till the end your gonna stay there! Track 2, named the same as the album title, tells you your not getting out! A warm welcome to insanity hall.

“Bodies In The Basement” tells you whats in the basement, better not go there! ” Retard Whore” is just is a nasty, pure psycho song. The song with a title like Engine Trouble suggests its about a car, but it ends with mud wrestling women. And when ‘The Devil Says Kill’, you better obey the call.

“Gone” tells a broken love story, broken by sex, drugs and alcohol. And you need a “Lucky Charm” when you go “Out In The Dark” on your own, cause you might wake up six feet under. The last song tells you about a Dark Angel, or a sexy devil in high heels and stockings, leather and 666 on her thigh, you’re choice 🙂

My personal favorite is Heads On Poles! I don’t know why, i just like the raw voice, bass and aggressive lyrics. I saw them live during Sjock 2012, the pit went crazy, and not only with the old songs, but also with the new songs!

My conclusion, if you are a Demented fan, or a beginning psychobilly, you have to buy this one!!!!

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