The Quakes- Planet Obscure

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The brand spanking new Quakes album Planet Obscure gets started with a burst if energy. There’s the rockabilly twang guitar, an upright bass that clacks along and drums that provide a steady beat. There’s certainly a “pop” feel to some songs but still with that dark psychobilly edge that the band has had since its inception. It must be said the vocals sound different from those earlier albums. There’s more singing and not the more punk style of shouting the lyrics from before. This is to be expected from a band that’s been around as long as they have. The music definitely has to evolve even within genre constraints. Personally I prefer bands that release different sounding albums rather then rehashing the same thing over and over again which gets boring quick.
Some of the songs that I really enjoyed were “Walk Alone” which has a definite Western feel to it. The lyrics and music match so well. You can really feel the “lonely streets” Paul’s singing about.
“You’re a Joke” starts out like an 80s style pop song and turns into faster psychobilly beat only to slow down again. It’s interesting and addresses certain people and their judgmental attitudes.
“Anti-social Girl” I think this song was written about me! Hahaha! It really describes me to a T so how could I not like it? “She’s an anti-social girl
She lives in her own world
She won’t even give them the time of day”
And then there’s “Festa do Estica e Puxa” which is the icing on the cake! I love, love this instrumental song and could play it on repeat! Not only because it’s about Xuxa which was a children’s show from Brazil (shown all over Latin America) back in the 80s and early 90s. If you don’t know about Xuxa, you’re missing out amigo! Anyway, this song sounds like South America having a party which is basically all the time! The guitar drives the action froward, the drums provide a sharp, effective beat and there’s plenty of ska inspired bass rhythm. It’s fantastic! And there’s no need for more then the occasional “hey” being yelled out. This maybe the best tribute to Latin America by a gringo ever. And then things wind down nicely with “All About You” which also features a more ska/latin style of playing. This is good stuff especially with the hot summer months coming along. I say get it now, absolutamente.

The Quakes new album Planet Obscure

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