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Pinup of the week: Tina von Nekro

Posted by Dee-Ann On November - 21 - 2011

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“Ohlala, nice to meet you!

I am Claire, Tina Von Nekro, a French tattooed pinup model. For more than 13 years now, I’ve been a huge fan of pinups, kustom kulture, rockabilly and glamour stuff.

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Jamie Bahr on Danger*Cakes Year Two!

Posted by Bunny On November - 18 - 2011

On Halloween of 2010, a new band emerged on the Austin scene.  Fusing elements of  psychobilly, doo-wop, big band swing, and classic soul the band quickly became a fixture in the Austin rockabilly scene.  The all-female group ended their  first year with a bang, joining the likes of Mad Sin and Devil Doll at the 2nd annual Freakshow Festival.   Now, with October behind us, I thought I’d play some catch with Danger*Cake’s buxom frontwoman Jamie Bahr.


Pinup of the week: Anita Fixx

Posted by Dee-Ann On November - 14 - 2011

Photo by Dana Brushette

Hello, I’m Anita Fixx! I currently live in Toronto but I consider my hometown to be Vancouver, Canada. My first love is and always will be punk rock, but I also love psychobilly, ska, rockabilly, jazz, blues and old school country (think Johnny Cash and Loretta Lynn). I discovered all those other genres through punk, believe it or not, so I’ll never forget those punk rawk roots!
Another passion would be vintage clothes shopping, thrift shops are the preferred place to go for these. It’s the thrill of the hunt! Besides that I love cooking and baking…I should clarify that’s vegan cooking and baking! After picking up a few good cookbooks on the subject I realized that it is do-able and delicious! Not to mention there was no innocent animal tortured or killed for my nourishment.

I do a little bit of alternative modelling here in the frozen north and would love to do more. Why do I like it? Because I’m a visual artist (I do watercolour and acrylic paintings as well as murals) so anything that has an unusual visual element interests me. I also write reviews and interview bands, everyone from Koffin Kats to The Bouncing Souls. The film I’m working on “Canadian Psycho” brings these interests together since it’s a documentary about the psychobilly scene in Canada. After its’ release I intend to make a few films that are fiction based, I’m writing the screenplays right now!

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