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Calabrese (concert review)

Posted by Christina On May - 26 - 2011


On Friday May 20th, 2011,  Calabrese flew from their  black leather bat wings and landed at Reggies Rock Room, playing for us. Collars were up, fangs were out and they were  out of their coffins and ready to rock. 

Needless to say it was quite a memorable and most enchanting show  I have ever experienced . Other bands joined them and played on the bill, here was the roster, Nothing to Gain, The Ugly, The Gravetones and The Krank Daddies all great bands with horror in the mix. This was a night of  Horror Rockabilly/ Psychobilly and  what  made this show  amazing was the fact that each band complimented each other and really lead us to the main event.

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“Deadtown” –Self Titled

Posted by drew On May - 17 - 2011

“Deadtown” is one of the cornerstones of Austin’s growing post-psychobilly/metropabilly scene.  A small number of bands who believe that tradition and evolution need not contradict each other.  They’re also the first of the fore mentioned bands to get a CD out.   It’s only six songs long, but it still manages to be a solid kick in pants, aimed squarely at critics of the Austin scene.

The band’s sound leans heavily on the “billy” side of things, drawing  on both blues and bluegrass traditions.  They have just enough “rock” in them to be incredibly danceable.  Genre lines are blurred across the thumping bass provided by slapper Joe Deuce,  perfectly matching singer Julian Dossett’s “hobo growl.”  But not simply willing to recreate a by gone era, the sound offered up here is dare I say it…progressive?

Spooky,dusty, and playing off the darkness in the human soul. They manage to evoke the psychobilly genre without ever mentioning vampires or zombies. The natural creepiness of the rural south is coming through in these tunes.   One could easily imagine Leatherface’s cannibal clan doing a hillbilly jig to Deadtown’s sound.  It’s like someone stuck Social Distortion, Gene Vincent, Ralph Stanley,  and Tom Waits into a blender and plopped out their misshapen, rail riding, offspring.  If you’re not lucky enough to see Deadtown burning up the stage in Austin, this CD is the next best thing.  Pick it up as soon as you can.


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